• Social Innovation Fellowship

Award Year 

Links in the Chain: Re-Imagining Globalized Apparel Production

Nowadays, conscientious consumption is essential to global sustainability – in today’s global economy, every purchase has world wide consequences (i.e., they inform corporate environmental, labor and quality standards). However, at the moment, the supply chain remains a mystery (even to corporations, unfortunately) - in essence, we don't understand our interconnectedness. Thus, to encourage conscientious consumption, I plan to make a documentary film that follows the production of a single garment. In doing so, I intend to 1) build consumer awareness about the implications of globalized production and 2) encourage the apparel industry to adopt more sustainable practices. 

Personal Statement

Here's what I believe: a good product needs a good story. We can't separate production from product. As an apparel designer at RISD with a passion for development economics, I'm committed to expanding the definition of "design." So, I'm going to start by telling products' stories - in the end, I hope to help consumers recognize that we're all links in the supply chain.