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Common Sense Action

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Common Sense Action (CSA) is a grassroots organization that expands opportunity for Millennials by bringing the next generation to the policymaking table and building a movement of Millennial voters committed to generational fairness, Millennial mobility, and repairing politics. 

A while back, I remember opening a newspaper and reading that my generation is the first since the Great Depression to believe that their lives will not be as good as their parents. Living in the namesake country of the American Dream, it is devastating to realize how pessimistic my generation is about the future. 

Yet the pessimism seems justified. Having been born between 1980 and 2000, Millennials will inherit unaffordable obligations and a lack of investment that suffocates growth. Worse yet, despite the ballooning national debt, unchecked entitlements, and infrastructure cuts, no one in Washington protests the unfairness of cheating my generation of what allowed past generation to prosper. Outside of Washington, cuts in student loans and skyrocketing education costs are already causing real economic pain while the projected bankruptcies of programs that are supposed to shore up the middle class are threatening the future of the American Dream. 

This political status quo is not acceptable for my generation, nor should it be acceptable for any generation. Yet solving these complex issues will require even those of opposing ideologies together to protect a future that is neither red nor blue but American. Common Sense Action was started to fight for that future, and to build bipartisan support for generationally fair policy.