• Social Innovation Fellowship

Award Year 


WaterWalla is a unique social venture poised to provide potable water solutions to underdeveloped urban economies; slums. We focus on the development of a water portfolio that empowers local residents to make real choices about their lifestyles. We engage grassroots organizations to not only educate on the issues of water contamination but to develop a network of people who are passionate about leading their societies towards healthier lifestyles. WaterWalla is well on its way to accomplishing this task, with a storefront in our pilot location, Dharavi, India and a small group of really enthusiastic locals helping us to enact our pilot program.

Personal Statement

I got involved with WaterWalla the summer after its conception thinking it was a great idea with a lot of promise. Since then I have worked hard to help develop the WaterWalla approach and to create the funding opportunities that allowed us to begin acting on our ideas. I was soon after appointed the Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Legal affairs. In this role I have been involved in helping our team navigate the legal difficulties associated with international projects and have begun to develop a generalized brand image with my team that we hope to implement over the coming year.