• Social Innovation Fellowship

Award Year 

Brown Market Shares

Brown Market Share Program is a campus-based student-run Community Supported Agriculture program.  Through local food distribution, the program aims to promote our local economy, environmental sustainability, access to healthy food, and equitable pay for farmers.  We believe that the Starr Fellowship is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate the systems of the organization and plan strategically for expansion in a way that ensures both institutional stability and consistent professional relationships with vendors, customers, and the larger community. With careful restructuring and planning, this program can serve as a national model for campus-based food distribution systems.


Personal Statement

In my first semester at Brown, I found the Market Share Program so appealing because it addresses pressing issues affected by the food distribution on campus - equity, farmer security, environmental sustainability - through a community-based approach. Through the Starr, I will will work with the communications of our program as we aim to best strengthen and expand.