• Social Innovation Fellowship

Award Year 


WaterWalla is a social venture aimed at bringing clean water technologies to urban slums in a sustainable form. Focusing on creating a water product portfolio of leading technologies from corporations around the world and then empowering slum residents with this portfolio through the creation of sustainable micro-enterprises, WaterWalla seeks to create a long-term solution for the problem engendered by unsafe drinking water and subsequent preventable waterborne diseases. WaterWalla first sources these products and then gives local entrepreneurs access to these technolgoies, the marketing and educational tools, and the business skill set to be successful, profitable, and the ideal distribution channels in slums. 

Personal Statement

I got involved in this project after seeing the sheer number of deaths and suffering occuring from diseases which were easily preventable. I wanted to do something which was beneficial to someone besides myself and I wanted to use the tools and resources I gained from my Brown education. It was a mesh of wanting to help and to see a practical application of my coursework that prompted me to get involved with WaterWalla.