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Rhymes with Reason

United States
Rhymes with Reason is an interactive educational tool that facilitates vocabulary acquisition and reading comprehension practice through hip-hop lyrics. Rhymes with Reason serves to strengthen these vocabulary and english skills primarily for urban, Black and Latino high school aged students. Rhymes with Reason takes SAT level vocabulary words said by hip-hop artists in pre-existing songs, and creates a culturally engaging, audio-visual, flashcard-set style curriculum made up of these words. Each flashcard includes not only the vocabulary word and definition, but also an audio snippet of the lyric in which each vocabulary word is said. While the student flips through their flashcards, they also have the ability to repeatedly listen to the audio snippet that contains the lyric, and students are able to memorize vocabulary words and their meaning, just like they are often able to memorize the lyrics to their favorite songs. In addition to the flashcard curriculum, Rhymes with Reason also contains a reading comprehension curriculum, constructed in the exact same format as the SAT’s reading comprehension section; the only difference being that the students will answer questions based on hip-hop lyrics instead of traditional texts. Rhymes with Reason innovatively gives students the unique ability to strengthen their SAT score while simultaneously listening to their favorite hip-hop artist.


I was born and raised in San Diego, California by a loving family that has always given me unconditional support. During high school, I found a passion in socially conscious business, and started a clothing company that donated proceeds to a drug rehabilitation center for underprivileged San Diego teens. At Brown University, I am continuing my passion for social business/entrepreneurship with the creation of my educational platform--Rhymes with Reason. I am currently pursuing an independent concentration in Social Entrepreneurship at Brown.