• Social Innovation Fellowship

Award Year 


iFlip4 will create a global giving movement that spreads virally through high schools and colleges. iFlip4 is creating a brand for caring, for giving, for living your cause. iFlip4 believes every person can join and expand a movement that empowers those who are in touch with their beliefs, regardless of their income. iFlip4 wants young people to be ambassadors for their charities with a voice heard by thousands, and expose why the underlying problems that these charities fight even exist. iFlip4 wants to start conversations about topics that go untouched on most days, to bring the world of philanthropy to young people, and have them confidently enter it alongside their peers. iFlip4 wants to create the first brand that stands for all charities. 

iFlip4 is The Charitable Brand, the Cause for All Causes. Each person will Flip4 their cause and receive an iFlip4 t-shirt, and half of the profits will go to the charity of their choice. Each charity will benefit from new supporters, donations, and publicity from inspired people who Flip, which will empower them to do much more world-changing work. Together, we will shake the world. Welcome to the iFlip4 movement.

Personal Statement 

There is strength in passion, and it brings with it an openness to learn and engage. This is a major part of the ethos of iFlip4, and it is an important part of who I am as well. I am driven, but directionless, I am curious, but careful. 

iFlip4 began as the brainchild of my good friend and fellow co-founder, Alan Bornstein. He asked me to join him in creating this social enterprise, but first I had to spend a summer in a rural Chinese village reflecting before I agreed to join him. Since then I have poured myself into creating iFlip4 and establishing what it stands for and what it hopes to do. Next year I am taking time off from school for iFlip4. I am running down a a path I never thought I’d take, but the light I see at the end of this path glows brighter each day.