• Social Innovation Fellowship
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Business Economics and Environmental Studies

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Joshua '24 is a rising junior concentrating in BEO–Business Economics and Environmental Studies. A native of Los Angeles, California, he especially interested in how innovation and design can solve environmental issues, especially in the areas of food waste and marine life. Joshua has been working as a prep chef at multiple restaurants since the age of 16 and has seen first-hand how big of an issue that food waste is today. He hopes to use his education at Brown to help him pursue solutions that improve our current relationship with food and how it is wasted. At Brown, he has been involved in Innovation Dojo, pitching the idea for Peas and Carrots, an app designed to mitigate food waste by making grocery shopping more efficient. Currently, he is working on a venture aimed to help mitigate the amount of wasted bycatch amongst New England fisheries. During his free time, when he’s not in the kitchen cooking, you’ll probably find him in bed or trying to find a roof to climb on.