• Social Innovation Fellowship
Kaitlin Reed


Brown/RISD Dual Degree: Industrial Design and Sociology

Award Year 

Leslie M. Altman ’75, P’08 Social Entrepreneurship Fellow
Musical Prosthetics

Where is home to you? Dover, Massachusetts

Kate Reed is an artist, inventor, and social entrepreneur from Dover, MA. Kate is a community thinker who ponders the human experience in everything she makes, solving real-world problems with simplicity and economic availability to all. Her designs and inventions have been featured at the White House, Boston and New York Fashion Week, Museum of Design Atlanta, the Hackaday Superconference, MIT Museum, and the Boston Children’s Museum.

Musical Prosthetics are a new form of interactive media. Newly created musical instruments are attached to the human body in various exoskeletal formations, with each wearable sculpture wired with sensors creating sounds. As performers interact with each other and assume various body postures, the music created will mimic the non-verbal emotions conveyed by their movements. The ear can hear what the eye cannot see, strengthening the viewer’s understanding of the non-verbal world. Musical Prosthetics are designed for all ages, and can be used in performance, classroom, and make-your-own workshop settings.