• Social Innovation Fellowship

Award Year 

New England Fish Forum

The New England Fish Forum is an inclusive, transparent community-driven program that works toward a more positive, productive fisheries culture. It brings together fishermen, scientists and policymakers in non-threatening, inclusive and productive communication. By organizing “conversations” around participant-generated topics, it provides opportunities to build relationships that will strengthen the human resources needed for successful natural resource management while also addressing important issues in fisheries management and fishing communities.



Personal Statement

I am passionate about local food systems, communication, democratic participation and ocean sustainability. I believe that the future of New England’s fish is inextricably linked to the future human communities. I also believe that in-person interactions are powerful human resources that must be cultivated for successful natural resource management. I have seen proof of the power of real interaction as I have gotten to know people in New England’s fisheries management. I look forward to meeting many more.