• Social Innovation Fellowship


RISD MFA, Sculpture

Award Year 

Plantón Móvil

Lima, Peru
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Plantón Móvil is a walking forest that peacefully claims its place and respect in the city by linking art and social change. Since 2010 people from different disciplines and backgrounds have come together to help create and maintain sustainable public green areas. Today, this moving green is branching out towards the collaboration that will allow it to reach more people in a deeper and more lasting way.

I grew up very close to my grandfather, a scientist, who instilled in me true love for nature, science and especially for observation. My happiest play and most revealing childhood learning took place in a garden with him. These experiences have definitively influenced my work and living. I am still fascinated by all the living processes happening around us - processes that, with time, we might take for granted.

Today, I am convinced art and education are transformative tools that can change the way we live in our cities and I hope to inspire environmental stewardship in young people so that we can all enjoy healthy spaces where we value each other as well as the many other living forms coexisting with us.