• Social Innovation Fellowship



Award Year 

Project LETS

Providence, RI + Swaziland, Africa

Project LETS is an inclusive community for individuals living with mental illness, and aims to supplement traditional mental health care with peer support services. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we are working towards honest, open, and critical interventions surrounding mental health education, policy reform, advocacy, and peer support. At LETS, we believe that strong peer-to-peer connections can help individuals through the process of deconstructing internalized stigma, and using effective tools for self-advocacy in a culturally and socially relevant way. We emphasize reciprocal relationships between community members, an innovative way to approach an area of healthcare that is, all too often, hindered by patient-clinician power dynamics-- if not rendered totally inaccessible by economic and cultural barriers. In addition, we aim to close the gap between impersonal, clinical research/doctors and lived experience, and are embarking on a dual-mission of humanizing mental illness and democratizing medical knowledge through task-shifting model of peer integrated systems.