• Social Innovation Fellowship

Award Year 

The Capital Good Fund

The Capital Good Fund (CGF) is a non-profit microlender based in Providence, Rhode Island. Our mission is to create a poverty-free, inclusive green economy through innovative microfinance.  In order to achieve this mission, CGF offers three types of loans:  Citizenship loans, green business loans, and green credit-builder loans.  My project this summer focused primarily on expanding organizational capacity through fundraising; refinining borrower selection, loan administration, and social impact evaluation methodologies; and researching how small energy-efficient upgrades in the household can have far-reaching environmental and economic benefits for low to moderate-income homeowners.


CGF Press:
The bottom line: Rebranding a City
Social Enterprise Live, August 19, 2009

    Personal Statement

    The word 'capacity' is something we hear a lot in reference to the potential of an individual or organization.  However, we hear less about what constrains capacity--what practices or institutions impede progress, especially for those who need it the most.  I'm a strong proponent of the idea that collaboration is fundamental to overcoming these barriers.  Often times, exchange between two groups or individuals, whether through the exchange of knowledge, ideas, capital, technical assistance, or any other medium establishes a relationship that encourages progress and development. I firmly believe that our goal should be to offer our support (in many different forms) to those that need it, and in turn, to seek support from others.  I think this is fundamental to building capacity, and more importantly, to effecting the kind of change many of us want to see in society.

    Awards/ Recognition:

    • Clinton Global Initiative University- Outstanding Commitments Award
    • Ashoka Youth Venture
    • Ashoka Plum Grant
    • Social Innovation Initiative Seed Grant
    • Sparkseed Youth Venture
    • Brown Elevator Pitch Competition (2nd Place)
    • RI Elevator Pitch Competition (2nd Place)