• Social Innovation Fellowship
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International & Public Affairs and Entrepreneurship

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Paris Cooke-Brown ‘25; International and Public Affairs, and Entrepreneurship; The Bronx, NY. Paris is motivated by her experience with injustice and the bias she’s seen in current events. Witnessing the struggles of others in her community has motivated her to strive toward reaching a position that allows her to help those in need. Paris’s experience around a diverse group of intellectuals throughout high school, and now at Brown, has given her the ability to understand both sides of controversial issues and to deal with them impartially. She’s applied this skill to a legal internship in which she profiled the heads of various municipalities to predict the approval rate of a bill that sets required percentages for the distribution of government partnerships with businesses run by people of historically underrepresented demographics. Now she’s developing a social justice clothing brand that aims to facilitate civil discourse on controversial issues with bold but playful apparel, and profits from sales will be reallocated to charities.