• Social Innovation Fellowship
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Computer Science-Economics and Applied Mathematics

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Ruihan (Eric) Huang '24 , from Beijing, China, is concentrating in Computer Science-Economics and Applied Mathematics. In Beijing, he was active in promoting sustainable development and studied measures to fight smog by reducing commuter vehicles on the roads using data he collected. Motivated by his data, he drafted a proposal for a free citywide school bus service that the Mayor of Beijing considered and passed onto the National People's Congress. Inspired by that early success, he created the Social Innovation Lab in his school where students applied their research skills to design novel solutions to social problems. Eventually, Ruihan’s effort prompted the establishment of the new Civic Education Program, which is now part of our school’s core curriculum. At Brown University, he continues to be interested in economics and empowering people. Currently, he is a consultant with 180 Degrees Consulting, an organization that provides consulting services to non-profits.