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Being diagnosed with cancer is not only an attack on one's health - It is an attack on one's childhood. For many of these kids, a cancer diagnosis means that they can’t go to school or visit their friends - instead, they must spend hours on end getting treatment in the hospital. So many kids dream of making new friends, meeting their ultimate role models. At CCChampions, we make these dreams a reality.  CCChampions is a network between professional athletes and kids who have cancer. CCChampions develops unique one-to-one, long-term friendships between athlete and child. At our special induction ceremonies, each child is given a customized jersey, a personal scrapbook, and is introduced to their newest role model - a professional athlete. The CCC Friendship is uniquely facilitated for several months, growing into a lasting, meaningful one-to-one relationship during the first months of intense cancer treatment.  

Last year, we launched our very first chapter in Pittsburgh, PA with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Children's Hospital. The Pittsburgh chapter has been extremely successful, and we are so excited to bring CCChampions to Providence this May! Our team consists of partnerships with Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Brown University, Warren Alpert Medical School, The Prout School, a local elementary school, the Pawtucket Red Sox, and local athlete alumni.


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Personal Statement:
I remember meeting Stephen, and 11-year old boy with the most contagious smile, the summer after freshman year at Camp Ooch, a camp for kids with cancer. I was his counsellor, he was my camper, and we instantly became friends. But here's the thing about Stephen - he is the most die-hard hockey fan on Earth. Just ask Stephen about his favorite player, Sidney Crosby...his eyes will just light up, and his smile will light up the room. Because of CCChampions, kids just like Stephen can see their dreams come true across the nation.

The kids at Camp Ooch go with me everywhere I go - they are some of the most inspirational individuals I have ever met, inspiring me to start CCChampions, a network between professional athletes and children who have cancer. These kids want nothing more than to get their normal childhood back, and what better a way than to empower them with friendships like these. At CCChampions, we believe that every child battling cancer is a true champion...and they deserve to be treated as just that.


1st Place- Brown University Elevator Pitch Competition
Finalist- Brown University Start-Up Competition
Panelist- A Better World By Design International Conference
Nominated- Ivy Sports Symposium Award for Future Leaders  
Partner- Brown Entrepreneurship Program
Fellow- C.V. Starr Fellowship 
Panelist- SEEED Int'l Conference
Panelist- A Better World by Design Int'l Conference