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Globalization & Social Entrepreneurship

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United States

1vyG is an organization which seeks to strengthen and empower the first-generation network by convening communities made of both students and administrators, connecting students to pre-existing resources, recognizing gaps within these resources, and advocating for change. By challenging and inspiring each other, we aim to help students step into their power and create a more equitable educational system.

For many students, going to college is a right of passage. The "best four years of your life" are an intercession for freedom and discovery before entering into adulthood. But for many first-generation students like myself, college can also be a confusing and pressure ridden experience that presents a unique set of challenges. 

I do this work because the success of 1G students should not and does not have to be predicated on those who are fortunate enough to have and utilize the resources and support they need. I do this because we're all accountable for not just providing education, but ensuring that it is an opportunity that all students, regardless of their background and experiences, can take full advantage of.