• Social Innovation Fellowship


Political Science and Geology

Award Year 


Singapore, Japan
Metaplaneta aims to defy the common notion “Space = Rocket Science.” We believe that everyone, regardless of academic background, should have the opportunity to be involved in space development. The demand for a richer variety of workforce is rapidly increasing as more private companies enter the space industry. Metaplaneta will provide opportunities for people from various academic backgrounds to experience the collaborations involved in the space business, both in Japan and Singapore.


Since I was young, I hoped that I would become an astronaut one day. As time went by, this interest led me to be increasingly involved in the astronomy community in Singapore. I represented my high school at numerous national astronomy and astrophysics competitions. Soon, I was even organizing national space-related competitions for high schools in Singapore. Coming to college, I tried to reconcile my academic interests together with my interest in space. I found that I was drawn towards Political Science as a concentration. However, I grew frustrated at the fact that mainstream ideology did not encourage the fact that someone studying Political Science could also be interested in and possibly work for the space industry. 

This set me thinking about how many students I have come across in Singapore who started out enthusiastic about space but eventually tied themselves down to pursue a career that was more ‘realistic’ and attainable. What if they too could learn how to connect their passions with a realistic career opportunity in the space industry? There is a whole world of opportunities out there that many students do not know about due to the mentality of resigning themselves to pursue the ‘safe’ career options. I have personally benefitted from access to information and valuable mentors during my time growing up and especially here at Brown. There are many students in Singapore that may never gain access to the same information that might possibly change the trajectory of their future careers. Through Metaplaneta, I hope to reach out to these students and encourage them to pursue their interest in space realistically.