• Social Innovation Fellowship



Award Year 


Singapore, Japan
MetaPlaneta aims to defy the common notion “Space = Rocket Science” and provide opportunities for people with all kinds of academic background to experience the multi-disciplinary collaboration involved in the space business through our interactive website, workshops and summer camps in Japan and Singapore. We believe that everyone, regardless of academic background, should have the opportunity to be involved in space development.


Space has long been of my interest, and I dream of becoming an astronaut one day. But as much as I love space exploration, I am also drawn into the communication aspect of the space industry; that is, keeping the public informed about the latest news and opportunities in the space industry. In other words, I want to bring space to their everyday life. 

Two years ago, I met a girl who was as passionate about space as I am. Then she told me that she was losing her passion because she realized that she was not good at math or science. In her mind, space was exclusive to rocket scientists, when in reality space involves design, art, politics, nutrition, communication. and more. But she is not the only one. In almost every country I visit, I meet young students with the same mind. When you see students giving up their passion just because they lack one skill or information, you know you have to act to support them and change their perspective. That is why we are here.