• Social Innovation Fellowship
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Sociology and Literary Arts

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Victor Beck ’24 is concentrating in Sociology and Literary Arts. He was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, where he began working in the non-profit sector at age 15. Driven by indigenous futures and movements of native sovereignty, Victor has worked as an administrative assistant, a directorial intern, a workshop facilitator, and a communications and multimedia intern at the Brown CSREA. On-campus, he held a leadership role in Natives at Brown (NAB) and was in this year's Transformative Justice Practitioner Program cohort. Looking forward, Victor hopes to learn more about ethical resource generation for indigenous and queer communities and seeks to dismantle systems of colonial harm and violence. Victor is an avid bullet journalist, movie connoisseur, and poetry reader. As a Social Innovation Fellow, Victor hopes to center community reciprocity as paramount in all the work he pursues.