For VISTA Site Supervisors


What kind of training do VISTA members get?

Members receive monthly professional development in addition to a variety of workshops and training opportunities through Brown in areas such as project management, data analysis, and visualization, grant writing, fundraising, conflict resolution, etc.

What kind of training is expected of the host site?

Training that involves aspects of the work that they need to learn for a more impactful performance at their site.

What is direct service vs. capacity building?

The VISTA program uses the following definitions.

Direct Service: Provides immediate solutions to help people in need. These can include activities like tutoring, performing manual labor, teaching, doing clerical work, or counseling.

Capacity Building: Efforts and projects that expand the capabilities of the organization and community, rather than the VISTA member being a direct service provider to people in need.

More Examples on that are found at the VISTA 101 Manual.

What is teleservice and how does it work?

Under limited circumstances, the VISTA member may be allowed to perform services with a project under a teleservice agreement where they can perform project-related duties from home. This process will require the VISTA member filling the teleservice request form along with a work plan sheet for the day(s) the member is requesting. These forms need to be signed by the VISTA site supervisor and sent to VISTA program manager for State Office approval at least 1 week prior to the date requested. More information on teleservice is available in the VISTA Terms & Conditions of Service.

What is a VMO?

The Virtual Member Orientation (VMO) is a self-directed online orientation that introduces VISTA members to the terms, conditions, and benefits of service and key programming principles at the start of their service. VMOs occur on the start day of every VISTA member service term.

How can I apply to host a VISTA?

To apply to host a VISTA, please contact Nadia Amaghou, Program Manager at [email protected] or (401) 863-1024.