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Who to Ask: Graduate School and Other Contacts for Students



  • I would like my dissertation to be temporarily removed from the Library's digital repository.
    Contact: Ben Cail or [email protected].
  • I have just defended my dissertation and have a position. I need a letter certifying that I completed my Ph.D.
    Contact: Barbara Bennett

Commencement, and Dissertation and Thesis Submittal

Student Completions

  • I need a letter validating completion/degree.
    Contact: Barbara Bennett
  • I would like to review my degree requirements.
    Contact: Thomas A. Lewis (doctoral); [email protected] (master’s)

Dissertation Completion/Extension Proposals (DCP/DEP)

  • I am looking for information on the DCP/DEP application and process.
    See the Dissertation Completion Proposal webpage 
  • I have questions about the process of securing advanced doctoral funding in the Humanities or Social Sciences.
    Contact: Vanessa Ryan
  • I would like to learn more about applying for external funding
    Contact: Thomas A. Lewis

Diversity Initiatives

Fellowship Applications

Student Financial Support/Issues

Health Insurance

  • I seek additional information about health and dental insurance coverage.
    Contact: Cheryl Moan (Insurance Office)
  • I need assistance with a fee waiver.
    Contact: Ethan Bernstein

International Student Concerns

  • I have questions about visas, leaves or working in the United States.
    Contact: OISSS
  • I would like some information about acculturation and/or language assistance.
    Contact: Sheridan Center, English Language Support
  • I want assistance with writing.
    Contact: Writing Center


Open Graduate Education

Problem Situations

Professional Development
See our Professional Development webpage

Programmatic questions

  • I am having difficulties with my program.
    Contact: Thomas A. Lewis (doctoral); [email protected] (master’s)

Prospective Students

Student Support and Student Life