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Who to Ask: Graduate School and Other Contacts for Students


I would like my dissertation to be temporarily removed from the Library's digital repository.

I have just defended my dissertation and have a position. I need a letter certifying that I completed my Ph.D.

Joseph Rhoads

Barbara Bennett

Commencement, and Dissertation and Thesis Submittal
I want to register to participate in Commencement.

I want to learn more about the process of defending and submitting my dissertation/thesis.


Susan Ely

Barbara Bennett

Student Completions
I am almost done but will need an extension to the submission deadline.

I need a letter validating completion/degree.

I would like to review my degree requirements.

Thomas A. Lewis or Barbara Bennett

Barbara Bennett

Thomas A. Lewis 

Dissertation Completion/Extension Proposals (DCP/DEP)
I am looking for DCP/DEP application forms.

I have questions about the process of securing advanced doctoral funding in the Humanities or Social Sciences.


Dissertation Completion Proposal page (under Financing & Support, under PhD Funding). Forms for 2019-20 are on UFunds.

Vanessa Ryan 

Diversity Initiatives
I am interested in mentoring.

I have a question about graduate admission.

I want to know more about diversity and inclusion at Brown University.

Marlina Duncan or Thomas A. Lewis

Marlina Duncan

See the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

Fellowship Applications
I am in need of assistance with a fellowship application.

I want to know if I need to submit an exempt or non-exempt narrative for the SF 424 form.

I want to check on the deadlines for the application of the fellowship (FulbrightLiebmann, etc.) that I'm interested in.

I want to search for fellowship opportunities.

Thomas A. Lewis

Thomas A. Lewis

Thomas A. Lewis


Thomas A. Lewis, Ian Straughn (Library)

Student Financial Support/Issues
I have questions about financial aid or would like to learn about financial literacy.

I have questions about my stipend and/or an outstanding balance.

I have a question about the external funding incentive policy.

I have a question about how my stipend will be paid. (See student payroll page.)

I need some emergency financial assistance (apply through UFunds).

I have a question about tuition or my deposit.

I need a letter concerning taxes, funding or a mortgage.

Peter Baron (Financial Aid Office)

Michelle Rose

Ethan Bernstein or Michelle Rose

Gail Lee

Maria Suarez 

Shayna Kessel

Ethan Bernstein

Health Insurance

I seek additional information about health and dental insurance coverage.

I need assistance with a fee waiver.


Cheryl Moan (Insurance Office) or Ethan Bernstein

Ethan Bernstein

International Student Concerns
I have questions about visas, leaves or working in the United States.

I would like some information about acculturation and/or language assistance.

I want assistance with writing.


Sara Gramley (Sheridan Center, English Language Specialist)

Writing Center

I have questions about medical leaves (see Graduate School Handbook) or personal leaves 

I have questions about professional development leave.

I want to talk to someone about the parental relief policy.

Maria Suarez

Thomas A. Lewis

Maria Suarez or Vanessa Ryan

Open Graduate Education
Where do I find application materials?

I would like to discuss my ideas regarding Open Graduate Education.

Open Graduate Education webpage

Vanessa Ryan

Problem Situations
A personal situation (health, family issue, stress, etc.) is interfering with my academic progress.

I am the victim of harassment or assault.


I am the victim of a crime.

I need urgent University administrator assistance at night or weekends.

I have a complaint about another student.

I want to talk about my career and graduate education with someone outside the department.

I have a Title IX issue or question.

Maria Suarez, Counseling and Psychological Services or Health Services

Department of Public Safety, Rene Davis at the Title IX Office, Gail Cohee (Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender), Maria Suarez or Counseling and Psychological Services. Please read about the resources on the Title IX website

Department of Public Safety (DPS)

Administrator on Call

Maria Suarez, Counseling and Psychological Services, Health Services 

Any Graduate School dean


Maria Suarez or Rene Davis, Title IX Office

Professional Development
See our Professional Development webpage

I seek assistance with career exploration, resumes, cover letters, and job applications.

I want to explore professional development options.

I am interested in a career in higher education administration and want to apply to the BEST Program.



Sheridan Center
, CareerLABor Vanessa Ryan

Vanessa Ryan

Programmatic questions
I am having difficulties with my program.

Master's: Shayna Kessel; Doctoral: Thomas A. Lewis

Prospective Students
I have an idea for an integrative studies master's program.

I have questions about the support Brown provides for medical, mental health or learning problems.

I would like to apply for a master's or doctoral degree at Brown University.

Shayna Kessel

Maria Suarez, Counseling and Psychological Services, or Student and Employee Accessibility Services

See the Graduate School’s Application Information webpage

Student Support and Student Life
I need general support, help in identifying resources or a referral.

I have questions about religious, philosophical, ethical, or spiritual practices or issues.

I seek ways to connect with other students and would like to participate in social and community events.

I seek child-care referral and subsidies.

I am interested in learning about athletics and recreation facilities on campus.

I have questions about the Parental Relief Policy.

I have a question about accessibility or disability accommodations.

I want legal help with a lease, housing problem or with another matter.

Maria Suarez or Campus Life & Student Services

Office of the Chaplains  
and Religious Life

Graduate Student Council


Family Resources webpages

Athletics & Recreation

Maria Suarez or Vanessa Ryan

Maria Suarez or SEAS Office (Cathie Axe or Jon Corey)


Attorney Len O'Brian (at Sarah Doyle Center for Women and Gender)

I need reimbursement for conference travel.

I would like to apply for support for research travel.

I seek support for international travel to present my research abroad.

Michelle Rose

Michelle Rose

Michelle Rose

For contact information, please visit the Deans & Staff page.