Applications are due on January 1st.  There is no GRE requirement.



What we look for in an application may be summarized as follows: (1) broad knowledge of mathematics on an undergraduate level, including analysis, abstract algebra, and more, (2) deeper knowledge of some mathematics, (3) potential for original research, and (4) strong motivation to succeed in the PhD program. The applicant’s mathematical interests should also be (5) consonant with (some of) the varied interests of the faculty. We also value (6) a commitment to diversity/equity/inclusion work and to mathematics as a community endeavor. A successful application might be stronger in some of these areas and less strong in others.

Most applicants will have specialized (“majored” or “concentrated”) in mathematics, but this is not absolutely necessary. We welcome well-prepared applicants who have come to mathematics from another field. 

Admission is very competitive: in recent years there have been well over 400 applications, and we estimate that we will only make about 25 offers of admission for Fall of 2024.. 


Brown no longer requires the General GRE.

The mathematics Subject GRE is entirely optional. 

For applicants from non-English-speaking countries an English proficiency score (TOEFL or IELTS) is required. This does not apply to applicants who have already completed one or more years of study in an English-speaking country.