The Department of Mathematics is committed to fostering diversity in mathematics and to creating and maintaining an academic environment that is welcoming to all.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee meets regularly to discuss ways of improving the life of the department. For more information, or to get involved, contact any committee member. 

Please use this Feedback Form to voice comments or concerns about the Department of Mathematics.  This form is received by 2 staff members in the Math Department:  Lori Nascimento, Academic & Financial Coordinator and Doreen Pappas, Academic Department Manager.  If there is anyone you wish us NOT to share your comments with, please let us know in the form.  We will honor your request.

The goals of the Horizons Seminar are:
     -to discuss issues of gender, racial, and sexual inclusivity in STEM fields
     -to provide career advancement and job placement advice to graduate students
     -to promote the research and work of traditionally under-represented mathematicians

What to do in case of sexual or gender-based harassment.

Other links:

University Office of Institutional Diversity 

University Title IX Office