Graduate Studies In Mathematics

The PhD program is intended for students with a solid background in undergraduate mathematics and a strong interest in research. Most of our students intend to pursue academic careers, but some of them find other kinds of positions, for example in industry or finance.

Students are supported by fellowship in the first year, and ordinarily begin working as teaching assistants in the second year.

We aim to provide a supportive environment for teaching, learning, and creating mathematics. The relatively small size (about 40+ graduate students and 25+ faculty and postdocs) allows for close contact with faculty and a sense of community. The program is flexible enough to accommodate a range of levels of preparation. More than 85% of students admitted receive their PhD.

The department has weekly seminars in many areas, currently Algebra, Geometry/Topology, Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, and Algebraic Geometry, as well a weekly Colloquium and a Graduate Student Seminar organized by students for students. 

Beyond the department Brown has other significant mathematical resources. The Division of Applied Mathematics is a separate department with its own faculty, degree programs, and course offerings. ICERM is an NSF-funded research institute that brings in long-term and short-term visitors for workshops, seminars, and courses. The Data Science Initiative is an interdisciplinary program. All of these have been useful to students in the program.

PhD students may qualify for a terminal Master's degree after (usually) two years. The department does not have a Master's program.

For more information regarding the program, please contact us at (401) 863-2708 or via email at [email protected].