Brown Horizons Seminar

Horizons is a seminar organized by members of the math department with the following goals: to discuss issues of gender, racial, and sexual inclusivity in STEM fields; to provide career advancement and job placement advice to graduate students; and to promote the research and work of traditionally under-represented mathematicians by hosting several colloquium-style mathematics talks. Horizons is supported by the Mathematics Department, ICERM, the C. V. Starr Foundation Lectureship Fund, and Professor Melody Chan’s NSF CAREER Award. 


Upcoming Seminars


Coming in Fall 2022 





Seminar Slides
Moira Chas - "Diversity in three and four dimensions"

Adriana Salerno - "Rehumanizing a Math Department"

Rochelle Gutierrez - “Rehumanizing Mathematics: Why it matters for Students and Society”

Edray Goins - “A Dream Deferred: 50 Years of Blacks in Mathematics"

Dagan Karp - "Critical Theory in Postsecondary Mathematics Education"



Thomas Goodwillie, Professor of Mathematics
Jordan Kostiuk, Lecturer
Madeline Brandt, Tamarkin Assistant Professor
Samuel Freedman, Graduate Student
Shiyue Li, Graduate Student
Lori Nascimento, Staff