Brown Horizons Seminar

Horizons is a seminar organized by members of the math department with the following goals: to discuss issues of gender, racial, and sexual inclusivity in STEM fields; to provide career advancement and job placement advice to graduate students; and to promote the research and work of traditionally under-represented mathematicians by hosting several colloquium-style mathematics talks. Horizons is supported by the Mathematics Department, ICERM, the C. V. Starr Foundation Lectureship Fund, and Professor Melody Chan’s NSF CAREER Award. 


Seminar Slides
Adriana Salerno - "Rehumanizing a Math Department"

Rochelle Gutierrez - “Rehumanizing Mathematics: Why it matters for Students and Society”

Edray Goins - “A Dream Deferred: 50 Years of Blacks in Mathematics"

Dagan Karp - "Critical Theory in Postsecondary Mathematics Education"



Thomas Goodwillie, Professor of Mathematics
Siddarth Kannan, Graduate Student
Jordan Kostiuk, Tamarkin Assistant Professor
Megan Chang-Lee, Graduate Student
Lori Nascimento, Staff