Important Contacts



General Inquires 

Tel: 401-863-2708
Fax: 401-863-9013
Email: info<at> 

Department Chair

Jeffrey Hoffstein
Tel: 401-863-1127
Email: jeffrey_hoffstein<at>brown.ed

Director of Graduate Studies

Thomas Goodwillie
Tel: 401-863-2590
Email: [email protected]

Undergraduate Advisors

Benoit Pausader

Tel: 401-863-7965

Email: Benoit_Pausader<at>


Bena Tshishiku

Tel: 401-863-6406

Email: bena_tshishiku<at>


Jeffrey Hoffstein
Tel: 401-863-1127
Email: jeffrey_hoffstein<at>

Placement Advisor

Daniel Katz
Tel: 401-863-7957
Email: daniel_katz<at> 

Department Manager

Doreen Pappas
Tel: 401-863-1867
Email: doreen_pappas<at> 


Lori Nascimento
Tel: 401-863-2709
Email lori_nascimento<at> 

Mailing Address

Department of Mathematics
Brown University
151 Thayer Street, Box 1917
Providence, RI 02912