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Ph.D. Recipient

Thesis Title



Sedgewick, Rose Whelan 

Approximate solutions of certain general types of boundary value problems from the standpoint of integral equations 

Jacob David Tamarkin 


Jonah, Frederick Chapman 

The Green's matrix and expansion problem for systems of integro-differential equations 

Jacob David Tamarkin

Lehmer, Derrick Henry 

An extended theory of Lucas' functions 

Jacob David Tamarkin 


Parker, William Vann 

The addition formulas for hyperelliptic functions 

Albert Bennett 


Krall, Harry Levern 

On some asymptotic relations for the characteristic values of the elliptic differential equations 

Jacob David Tamarkin 

Moskovitz, David 

Certain irregular non-homogeneous linear difference equations

C. Raymond Adams

Moursund, Andrew Fleming, Jr. 

On a method of summation of Fourier series 

Jacob David Tamarkin 

Smith, Aubrey Henderson

On the summability of derived series of the Fourier-Lebesgue type

Jacob David Tamarkin

Vehse, Charles Henry

Acceleration stresses in a heavy wire rope

Jacob David Tamarkin


Clarkson, James Andrew

Part I. On definitions of bounded variation for functions of two variables
Part II. On double Riemann-Stieltjes integrals 

C. Raymond Adams

Gurney, Margaret

Some general existence theorems for partial differential equations of hyperbolic type

Jacob David Tamarkin

Randels, William Conrad

Part I. On the summation of Fourier series
Part II. Three examples in the theory of Fourier series

Jacob David Tamarkin

Sedgewick, Charles Hill Wallace

Generalized Lambert series

Jacob David Tamarkin

Rosskopf, Myron Frederick

Some inequalities for non-uniformly bounded ortho-normal polynomials, 

Jacob David Tamarkin


Astrachan, Max

Studies in the summability of Fourier series by Norlund means

Jacob David Tamarkin


Comfort, Edwin Gustavus Hunter

On the preservation of Holder properties of initial conditions in the solutions of wave equations

Jacob David Tamarkin

Dunford, Nelson

Part I. Integration in general analysis
Part II. On a theorem of Plessner
Part III. A particular sequence of step functions

Jacob David Tamarkin

Hamilton, Hugh James

Part I. On transformations of double series
Part II. Transformations of multiple sequences

C. Raymond Adams

Hill, John Dillard

Part I. Some theorems on double limits
Part II. A theorem in the theory of summability
Part III. On perfect methods of summability

C. Raymond Adams Jacob David Tamarkin

Kales, Morris Leon

Tauberian theorems related to Borel and Abel summabillity

Jacob David Tamarkin

Quade, Edward Schaumberg

Part I. The category of the class Li (a, p)
Part II. A generalized Parseval's relation
Part III. A note on Lipschitz classes
Part IV. Trigonometric approximation in the mean

Jacob David Tamarkin


Morse, Anthony Perry

Convergence in variation and related topics

C. Raymond Adams


Day, Mahlon March

Part I. Regularity of function-to-function transformations

Part II. Operations in Banach spaces

C. Raymond Admas

Bernstein, Dorothy Lewis

The double Laplace integral

Jacob David Tamarkin

O'Brien, Katharine Elizabeth

Some problems in interpolation by characteristic functions of linear differential systems of the fourth order

Jacob David Tamarkin

Torrance, Esther McCormick

Superposition of monotomic functions

Jacob David Tamarkin


Royall, Norman Norris, Jr.

Laplace transforms of multiply monotomic functions

Jacob David Tamarkin


Forsythe, George Elmer

Part I. Riesz summability methods of order r, for R(r) < 0

Part II. Cesaro summability of independent random variables

Jacob David Tamarkin

William Feller

Eberhart, Paul

On the summation of derived series of Fourier series and conjugate series

Jacob David Tamarkin

Schmidt, Olaf Henrik

On the relation between ancient mathematics and spherical astronomy

Otto Edward Neugebauer


Hedge, Lafayette Boyd

Part I. Moment problem for a bounded region

Part II. Transformations of multiple Fourier series

Jacob David Tamarkin


Beesley, Edward Maurice

Part I. Concerning total differentiability of functions of class P

Part II. f-Cantorian functions and their convex moduli

C. Raymond Adams

Anthony. P. Morse

Eberhart, Paul

On the summation of derived series of Fourier series and conjugate series

Jacob David Tamarkin

Schmidt, Olaf Henrik

On the relation between ancient mathematics and spherical astronomy

Otto Edward Neugebauer


Diaz, Joaquin Basilio

On a class of partial differential equations of even order

Lipman Bers

Munroe, MarsPeter Hall Evans

On certain generalizations of the fundamental theorem of integral calculus

C. Raymond Adams


Greenberg, Herbert Julius

The Determination of Upper and Lower Bounds for the Solution of the Dirichlet Problem

William Prager

Handelman, George Herman

Part I. Some problems in the study of thin-walled plastic sections

Part II. Aerodynamic pursuit curves for overhead attacks

William Prager

Kincaid, Wilfred MacDonald

Part I. On non-cut sets of locally connected continua

Part II. An application of orthogonal moments to prolems in statically indeterminate structures

Part III. Numerical methods for finding the characteristic roots and vectors of matrices

Peter Hall

William Feller

Protter, Murray Harold

Generalized spherical harmonics

Lipman Bers

Tolsted, Elmer Beaumont

Limiting values of subharmonic functions

Jacob David Tamarkin

Western, Donald Ward

Inequalities of the Markoff and Bernstein type for integral norms

Paul Charles Rosenbloom

Jacob David Tamarkin

Antoni Zygmund


Epstein, Bernard

A method for the solution of the Dirichlet problem for certain types of domains

Maurice Heins

Shu, Shien-Siu

The method of successive approximations as applied to compressible flow problems

Paul G. Loewner

Wilansky, Albert

An application of Banach linear functionals to summability

C. Raymond Adams


Freilich, Gerald

On the measure of Cartesian product sets

Herbert Federer

Sholander, Marlow C.

On the existenxe of the inverse operation in alternation groupoids

On certain minimum problems in the theory of convex curves

Albert Bennett

C. Raymond Adams


Arsove, Maynard G.

Functions representable as differences of subharmonic functions

Maurice Heins

Moore, Edward F.

Part I. Convexly generated k-dimensional measures

Part II. Density ratios and (phi - 1)-rectifiability in n-space

Herbert Federer

Schmied, Robert W.

Limiting forms of Green's functions and Harnack's inequality for multiply connected plane regions



Clarke, Allen B.

On the representations of cardinal algebras by direct sums

Bjarnu Jonsson

Wagner, Daniel H.

On free products of groups

Bjarnu Jonsson

Herbert Federer


Moore, John C.

Some applications of homology theory to homotopy problems

George W. Whitehead

Schatz, Joseph A.

Representations of Banach algebras with an involution

Charles E. Rickart


Tompson, Robert N.

Areas of k-dimensional nonparametric surfaces in (k + 2)-space

Herbert Federer


Wolk, Elliot S.

Representations of topological algebras

R. Creighton Buck


Palermo, Frank P.

Cohomology rings of product complex

William S. Massey

Smith, Edgar C., Jr.

Higher degrees of distributivity and completeness in Boolean algebras

Alfred Tarski

Bjarnu Jonsson


Slepian, Paul

The theory of the Lebesgue area of continuous maps of 2-manifolds into n-space; The Lebesgue area of a doubled map

Herbert Federer


Demers, Maurice R.

On Lebesgue area

Herbert Federer

Lewis, Charles J.

The problem of Milloux for functions analytic in an open annulus

Maurice Heins


Stockton, Doris G. S. (Mrs.)

Singular parabolic partial differential equations with time dependent coefficients

Joanne Elliot


Eisenberg, Edmund

Aggregation of utility functions

David Gale

Lighthall, Harry, Jr.

A study of a model of multi-commodity dynamic economy

David Gale

Malm, Donald G.

On the cohomology ring of a sphere bundle

William S. Massey


Kamowitz, Herbert M.

Cohomology groups of commutative Banach algebra

John Wermer

Lundell, Albert T.

Obstruction theory of principal fiber bundles

William S. Massey

Mitchell, Barry M.

Homological tic tac toe

David Buchsbaum


Ziemer, William P.

Integral currents mod 2

Wendell H. Fleming


Almgren, Frederick J., Jr.

The homotopy groups of the integral cycle groups

Herbert Federer

Voichick, Michael

Closed ideals and closed invariant subsplaces of analytic functions

John Wermer


Roberts, Howard M.

On the dual Pontrjagin classes of a manifold

William S. Massey

Tyndall, William F.

A duality theorem for a class of continuous linear programming problems

David Gale


Brothers, John E.

Integral geometry in homogeneous spaces

Herbert Federer

Kumpel, Paul G., Jr.

On the homotopy groups of the exceptional Lie groups

Bruno Harris

Ruh, Ernst A.

On the automorphism groups of a G-structure

Katsumi Nomizu


Howard, Alan

On the homotopy groups of an affine algebraic hypersurface

Theodore Frankel

O'Neill, Bernard V., Jr.

Parts and one-dimensional analytic spaces

John Wermer

Ramanuja, Srinivasa

An application of Morse theory to certain symmetric spaces

Theodore Frankel

Richardson, Henry R., III

Regression analysis when the least-squares estimate is not asymptotically efficient

Murray Rosenblatt


Arnold, Leslie K.

On finite invariant measures

Yuji Ito

Lewowicz, Jorge

On relative invariant sets

Mauricio Peixoto

Smyth, Brian B.

Differential geometry of complex hypersurfaces

Katsumi Nomizu

Norvig, Torsten

A convergence theorem for linear economic exchange models

David Gale


Bell, David

Poincare series representations of automorphic forms

Lipman Bers

Drachman, Byron C.

Homotopy multiplicities

Allan H. Clark

Jonah, David W.

Cohomology of co-algebras

George F. Leger

Sutherland, William R. S.

On optimal development programs when future utility is discounted

David Gale


Allard, William K.

On boundary regularity for the Plateau problem

Wendell H. Fleming

Brennan, James E.

Point evaluations and invariant subspaces

John Wermer

Hallstrom, Alfred P.

Bounded point derivations and other topics concerning rational approximation

Andrew Browder

Leonard, Peter C.

G-structures on spheres

Bruno Harris

Ryan, Patrick J.

Homogeneity and some curvature conditions for hypersurfaces

Katsumi Nomizu


Grove, Edward A.

SO(n) actions on differentiable manifolds with vanishing first and second integral Pontrjagin classes

Wu-Yi Hsiang

Kiley, William T

Automorphism groups on compact Riemann surfaces

Robert D. M. Accola

Markoe, Andrew G.

New techniques in deformation of complex structures

Gabriel Stolzenberg

Rosenberg, Alan E.

On the semi-simplilcity of the group algebra

Michael I. Rosen

Tannenwald, Ronald M.

Generic properties of dynamical systems on open manifolds

Mauricio Peixoto


Abe, Kinetsu

Relative curvature and applications to submanifolds in space firms

Katsumi Nomizu

Derrig, Richard A.

C*-algebras of multipliers and operators induced by measure-preserving transformations

Yiji Ito

Erbacher, Joseph A.

Isometric immersions of Riemannian manifolds into space forms

Katsumi Nomizu

Ernst, Lawrence R.

A proof that C2 and T2 are distinct measures and a characterization of certain Cartesian product measure by invariance

Herbert Federer

Tillman, Stephen J.

On quadratic forms over a certain class of function fields

Michael I. Rosen

Weiss, Michael D.

Restricted topological entropy and its application to problems in ergodic theory

Yuji Ito


Ewing, John H.

On the type of associate H-spaces

Allan H. Clark

Fraser, David F.

Rates of convergence for a probabilistic solution to the Dirichlet problem

Stanley Sawyer

Hardt, Robert M.

Slicing and intersection theory for chains associated with real analytic varieties

Herbert Federer

Preskenis, Kenneth J.

Approximation on disks

Andrew Browder

Stodghill, Jack R.

On the Adams operators and exterior powers of a simple Lie algebra

Bruno Harris

Warfield, Virginia P.

A stochastic maximum principle

Wendell H. Fleming


Basener, Richard F.

On rationally convex hulls

John Wermer

Brandstein, Alfred G.

Function spaces related to hypo-Dirichlet algebras

John Wermer

Galovich, Steven P.

Nibs and pics

Michael I. Rosen

O'Connell, John M. F.

Real parts of uniform algebras

John Wermer


Bond, Robert J.

When does the Galois group determine the field; the function field class

Michael I. Rosen

Cecil, Thomas E.

Geometric applicsations of critical point theory to submanifolds, complex projective space and hyperbolic space

Katsumi Nomizu

Chen, Chi-Cheng

On the residues of meromorphic vector fields

Paul Baum

Costa, David G.

The uniform behavior of solutions of linear hyperbolic systems for large times

Walter A. Strauss

Cox, Lawrence H.

One-parameter formal A-modules over p-adic integer rings

Jonathan D. Lubin

O'Farrell, Anthony G.

Capacities in uniform approximation

Brian Cole

Rodrigues, Lucio

Relative tightness and the two-piece property for manifolds with boundary

Thomas F. Banchoff

Wolf, Joel L.

The cohomology of homogeneous spaces and related topics

Paul Baum


Dippolito, Paul R.

Quasibundles in codimension one foliations

Robert D. MacPherson

Wang, James Li-Ming

An approximate Taylor's theorem for R(X)

Andrew Browder

Perla-Menzala, Gustavo

On the inverse problem for three-dimensional potential scattering

Walter A. Strauss


Mitchell, Alan R.

Meromorphic vector fields and Atiyah characteristic classes in topology

Paul Baum


Goresky, R. Mark

Geometric cohomology and homology of stratified objects

Robert D. MacPherson

Johnson, Kent W.

Immersion and embedding of projective varieties

William E. Fulton

Kelmanson, Milton L.

Stochastic approximation algorithms for the sequential Monte Carlo optimization of stochastic systems

Harold J. Kushner

Lin, Jeng-Eng

Time decay of two conservative equations

Walter A. Strauss

Wolf, Edwin M.

Bounded point evaluations and smoothness properties of functions in RP(X)

Andrew Browder


Graves, Larry K.

Codimension one isometric immersions between Lorentz spaces

Katsumi Nomizu

Jones, Jeffrey P.

Generators of the disk algebra

John Wermer

Lima, Paulo

Hopf bifurcation in equations with infinite delays

Harold J. Kushner

Polansky, Paul J.

Multi-dimensional stochastic population models

Wendell H. Fleming

Quart, George J.

A fixed point formula for singular varieties

William E. Fulton

Young, Christopher A.

Function rings of algebraic varieties

Alan Landman

Zamlong, Stuart

The extension of Milnor's exact sequence of Witt rings for hyperelliptic curves and the co-kernel of for special hyperelliptic curves

Michael I. Rosen


Cornell, Gary

Genus fields and class groups of number fields

Michael I. Rosen

Harrop, Frederick F.

Nilradicals of Witt rings of certain classes of Dedekind domain

Michael I. Rosen

Magid, Martin A.

Isometric immersions between indefinite flat spaces with parallel second fundamental forms

Katsumi Nomizu


Hwang-Ma, Shu-Yin

A nilpotent generalization of the Jacobian variety of a compact Riemann surface

Bruno Harris

Lee, Hsuan-Pei

Orthogonal measures for subsets of the boundary of the ball in C2

John Wermer

Shakiban, Chehrzad

The Euler operation in the formal calculus of variation

Wendell H. Fleming

Stormes, James M.

A natural transformation K * KO analogous to the Bockstein homomorphism

Paul Baum

Wake, Robert A.

The Tate-Shafarevich group for an elliptic curve

Jonathan D. Lubin


Anderson, Stephen L.

Green's functions, Jensen measures, and bounded point evaluations

John Wermer

Damiano, David B.

Webs, Abelian equations, and characteristic classes

Robert D. MacPherson

Hansen, Johan P.

A connectedness theorem for flagmanifolds and Grassmannians and singularities of morphisms to Pm

William E. Fulton

Lazarsfeld, Robert K.

Branched coverings of projective space

William E. Fulton

McNertney, Louise V. (Mrs. Berard)

One-parameter families of surfaces with constant curvature in Lorentz 3-space

Thomas F. Banchoff

Mitchell, Kevin J.

Foldings and crimpings of algebraic varieties

Alan Landman


Keller, Clayton H., Jr.

Automorphisms of stationery solutions of semilinear wave equations

Walter A. Strauss

Scheim, Charles H., Jr.

Automorphisms of compact Riemann surfaces

Robert D. M. Accola

Wolper, James S.

Theta functions and automorphisms of Riemann surfaces

Robert D. M. Accola


Diaz, Steven

Exceptional Weierstrass points and the divisor on moduli space that they define

Joseph Harris

Haskell, Peter E.

Intrinsically defined cycles in the K homology of singular curves

Paul Baum

Horowitz, Tony

Varieties of low relative degree

Joseph Harris

Klapper, Andrew

Canonical Subgroups of Formal Groups of Arbitrary Dimension.

Jonathan Lubin

Liao, Yu-Chung

Optimal control of a Brownian motion and its approximation to queuing process

Wendell H. Fleming

McGuinness, Francis Oisin

The Cassels pairing in a family of elliptic curves

Jonathan D. Lubin

Richters, Stephen

Hp spaces in tubes and the representation of tempered disributions by holomorphic functions

Andrew Browder

Tabak, Barbara L.

Harmonic maps and foliations

Bruno Harris


Hill-Tout, Barry

A Local Euler invariant for real algebraic singularities

Clint G. McCrory

Keem, Changho

A remark on the variety of special linear systems on an algebraic curve

Joseph Harris

Khavinson, Dmitry S.

On a geometric approach to problems concerning Cauchy integrals and rational approximation

John Wermer

Migliore, Juan C.

Topics in the theory of liaison of space curves

Joseph Harris

Sheu, Shuenn-Jyi

Optimal control and its applications to large deviation theory

Wendell H. Fleming

Vilonen, Kari

Intersection homology D-modules on hypersurfaces with isolated singularities

Robert D. MacPherson


Blomstrom, Carol

Extrinsically symmetric and planar geodesic isometric immersions in pseudo-Riemannian space forms

Katsumi Nomizu

Dorman, David

Prime factorization of singular moduli

Benedict H. Gross

Ryan, Kevin

Schubert varieties in the flag manifold of SO(n, C)

Robert D. MacPherson

Spyropoulos, Konstantine

Certain Diophantine equations of degree three and four

Michael I. Rosen


Shepard, Allen D.

A cellular description of the derived category of a stratified space

Robert D. MacPherson

Zimmermann, Karl

Subgroups of generic formal groups

Jonathan D. Lubin


Anderson, John

Algebras of solutions to partial differential equations

John Wermer

Coghlan, C. Leslie

Tight stable mappings of surfaces

Thomas F. Banchoff

Deutsch, Jesse I.

Identities on modular forms in several variables derivable from Hecke transformations

Harvey Cohn (Cuny) Michael I. Rosen

Freije, Richard M.

Intersection formulae and volume calculations for Mumford curves

Beneduct H. Gross

Garrity, Thomas

On ample vector bundles and negative curvature

William E. Fulton

Napolitano, Margaret

Higher dimensional formal groups and the formal group of the Jacobian

Michael I. Rosen

O'Grady, Kieran

Moduli of abelian and K3 surfaces

Joseph Harris

Schwalbe, Daniel

K-theory for discrete subgroups of the Lorentz group

Paul Baum


Aluffi, Paolo

On some characteristic numbers for smooth plane curves

William E. Fulton

Cukierman, Fernando M.

Families of Weierstrass points

Joseph Harris

McConnell, Mark W.

Projective configurations and locally symmetric spaces associated to SL(n,R)

Robert D. MacPherson

Ulmer, Douglas L.

The arithmetic of universal elliptic modular curves

Benedict H. Gross


Buyske, Steven G.

Lie sphere transformations and the focal sets of hypersurfaces

Katsumi Nomizu

Curtin, Eugene

Intermediate tautness and relative tautness for submanifolds

Thomas F. Banchoff

Faucette, William M.

Harmonic volume, symmetric products, and the Abel-Jacobi map

Bruno Harris

Hanamura, Masaki

Motives of perverse sheaves

Robert D. MacPherson

Kerckhove, Michael G.

Conformal transformations of pseudo-Riemannian Einstein manifolds

Katsumi Nomizu

Lopez, Angelo

On the Picard group of projective surfaces

Joseph Harris

Solomon, David R.

On Lichtenbaum's conjecture in the case of number fields

Ted C. Chinburg


Friesen, Christian

Continued fractions and real quadratic function fields

Michael I. Rosen

Kuwata, Masato

Mordell-Weil groups and elliptic K3 surfaces

Joseph H. Silverman

Loe, Brian J.

Scattering by potentials of unbounded support

Walter A. Strauss

McLaughlin, Dennis

String structures on loop space

Jean-Luc Brylinski

Zamboni, Luca

A Chern character in cyclic homology

Jean-Luc Brylinski


Hironaka, Eriko

Abelian coverings of CP2 branched along configurations of real lines

Alan Landman

Johnson, Ockle E.

Chain level Whitney duality theorems for simplicial manifolds

Thomas F. Banchoff

Park, Hwasin

Idempotent relations and the conjecture of Birch- and Swinnerton-Dyer

Joseph H Silverman


Baragar, Arthur

The Markoff equation and equations of Hurwitz

Joseph H. Silverman

Chang, Xiang-Qian

Weighted norm equality for martingales

Andrew Browder

Donohoe, William A.

Generalized Castelnuovo inequalities

Robert D. M. Accola

Huang, Ying

Floquet theory for linear periodic differential delay equations

John Mallet-Paret

Johnson, Brenda

The derivatives of homotopy theory

Thomas G. Goodwillie


Crannell, Annalisa

The existence of many periodic non-travelling solutions to the Boussinesq equation

Walter Craig

Lieman, Daniel Bennett

Automorphic forms and cubic twists of elliptic curves

Jeffrey Hoffstein

Shu, Linghsueh

Cyclotomic type theorems over global function fields

Michael I. Rosen


Arone, Gregory Zvi

The Taylor tower of the stable homotopy of the mapping spaces

Thomas G. Goodwillie

Cai, Hongsheng

Dispersive smoothing effects for generalized and high order KdV type Equations

Walter Craig

Cervone, Davide P.

Vertex-minimal simplicial immersion of surfaces into three-space

Thomas F. Banchoff

Chen, Yen-Mei Julia

Descent via 3-isogenies on elliptic curves

Joseph H. Silverman

Chua, Seng-Kiat

Arithmetic of etale quotient varieties

Joseph H. Silverman

Guo, Yan

Boundary problems for the Vlasov-Maxwell system

Walter A. Strauss

Lee, Chaujun Isaac

Generalized affine rotation surfaces

Katsumi Namizu

Lim, Nancy Lee

The Lp Dirichlet problem for second order elliptic operators with nonsmooth coefficients

Jill C. Pipher

Lydakis, Manos George

Fixed point problems, equivariant stable homotopy, and a trace map for the algebraic K-theory of a point

Thomas G. Goodwillie

Meng, Guo-wu

The stability theorem for smooth concordance imbeddings

Thomas G. Goodwillie

Sauerberg, James John

Kummer theory for Lubin-Tate groups

Michael I. Rosen

Towse, Christopher

Weierstrass points on cyclic covers of the projective line

Joseph H. Silverman


Choksi, Rustum

Two Topics on the Equations of Solid Mechanics: The Incompressible Limit in Nonlinear Elasticity and Conservations Laws in Fibre-Reinforced Materials

Constantine Dafermos

Gorman, John Rober

L-Functions of Orders at Zero

Stephen Lichtenbaum

Hsia, Liang-chung

A weak Neron model with applications to p-adic dynamical systems

Joseph H. Silverman

Li, Hua-chieh

p-adic dynamical systems

Michael I. Rosen

Liu, Yue

Instability of Solutions for Generalized Boussinesq Equations

Walter A. Strauss

Pagano, Andrea

Analyticity of Bergman Isometries

Kang-Tae Kim]

Tsalidis, Stavros

The equivariant structure of topological Hochschild homology and the topological cyclic homology of the integers

Thomas G. Goodwillie

Wang, Bin

Archimedean Height Pairing

Bruno Harris


Dutta Gupta, Shamita

Average Value of Quadratic Twists of L-Functions over Function Fields

Jeffrey Hoffstein

Geloneze-Neto, Antonio

Cusp Parity and Generalized Riemann-Hurwitz Formulas for Simplicial Maps

Thomas F. Banchoff

Saccone, Scott Frank

A Study of Strongly Tight Uniform Algebras

Brian Cole

She, Xiaotie

On the Nonvanishing of Cubic Twists of Automorphic L-Series

Jeffrey Hoffstein


Andreano, Federica

Approximation Problems For Singularity Sets

John Wermer

Li, Chao-Qun

Zp-Extensions of Function Fields over Finite Fields

Michael I. Rosen

Menochi, Gisele Maria Vecchi

Average Value of Class Numbers in Cyclic Extensions of F(T)

Michael I. Rosen

Ramachandran, Niranjan

Mixed Motives of Schemes

Stephen Lichtenbaum


Levandosky, Steven

Stability and Asymptotic Behavior of Higher Order Nonlinear Waves

Walter Strauss

Luo, Chenghui

Numerical Invariants and Classification of Smooth and Polygonal Plane Curve

Thomas F. Banchoff

Rizzo, Ottavio

On the Variation of Root Numbers of Families of Elliptic Curves

Joseph H. Silverman

Whittlesey, Marshall

Analytic structure in polynomial hulls and singularity sets

John Wermer

Yang, Seong-deog

On a connected sum construction for complete minimal surfaces of finite total curvature

Nicolaos Kapouleas


Benedetto Robert

Fatou Components in p-adic Dynamics

Joseph H. Silverman

Chin, Bing

Stabilization of a Sequence of Images

Donald McClure

Dreibelbis, Daniel

A bitangency theorem for surfaces in Euclidean four-space

Thomas Banchoff

Holden, Joshua

On the Fontaine-Mazur Conjecture for Number Fields and an Analogue for Function Fields

Michael Rosen

Hukovic, Sanja

Bellman Functions and Singular Integrals in Weighted Spaces

Jill Pipher

Papanikolas, Matthew

Canonical Heights in Characteristic p

Joseph H. Silverman


Benson, Julie Lynn

Gain of Regularity for Nonlinear Dispersive Equations in Two Spatial Dimensions

Walter Strauss

Diaconu, Calin Adrian

Applications of the double Dirichlet series to quartic twists

Jeffrey Hoffstein

Jamison, Danielle Lynn

Local Hardy Spaces and Non-Linear Quantities Arising in the Theory of Compensated Compactness

Jill Pipher

Lee, Yoonjin

Cohen-Lenstra Heuristics and the Spiegelungssatz

Michael Rosen

Zhao, Jianqiang

Hopf Algebra Structure of Generalized Scissors Congruence Groups

Alexander Goncharov


Akhtar, Reza

Milnor K-theory and Zero-Cycles on Algebraic Varieties

Stephen Lichtenbaum

Fridman, Artur

Mixed Markov Fields

David Mumford

Getachew, Selemon

Galois Theory of Polynomial Iterates

Joseph H. Silverman

Ih, Su Ion

Height Uniformity for Algebraic and Integral Points on Curves

Joseph H. Silverman

Lepsky, Olga

High Order Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Hamilton-Jacobi Equations and Approximations to Solutions of Stationary Boundary

Chi-Wang Shu

Muscalu, Camil

LP Estimates for Multilinear Operators Given by Singular Symbols

Jill Pipher

Reid, Michael

Investigations into Gross' Generalized Class Number Formula and the p-adic Stark Conjecture

Michael Rosen


Sarkis, Ghassan Y.

Dynamical Systems and Formal Groups

Jonathan Lubin

Wazir, Rania

Arithmetic on Elliptic Threefolds

Joseph H. Silverman


Bekyel, Ebru

Minimal Weierstrasse Equations for Elliptic Curves Over Global Fields

Joseph H. Silverman

Hwang, Huang Ju

Rayleigh-Taylor Instability and Regularity for the Vlasov System

Yan Guo

Soule, Steve Thomas

Branched Extensions of Codimemsion One Maps

Thomas Banchoff

Vassilakis, Theodore

On A Conjecture of Bando-Siu

Georgios Daskalopoulos


Brubaker, Benjamin Brock 

Analytic Continuation for Cubic Multiple Dirichlet Series

Jeffrey Hoffstein

Jafari, Amir

Framed Mixed Hodge Structures Associated to Iterated Integrals and Strong Suslin Reciprocity Laws on Curves

Alexander Goncharov

Lin, Zhiwu

Stability and Instability of Equilibria in Collisionless Plasmas and Ideal Plane Flows

Walter Strauss

Munson, Brian Andrew

Embeddings in the 3/4 Range

Thomas G. Goodwillie

Pacelli, Allison

The Structure of the Class Group in Global Function Fields

Michael I. Rosen

Volic, Ismar

Finite Type Knot Invariants and Calculus of Functors

Thomas G. Goodwillie


Christoforou, Cleopatra Christou

Hyperbolic Systems of Balance Laws via Vanishing Viscosity

Constantine Dafermos

Horozov, Ivan Emilov

Euler characteristics of arithmetic groups

Alexander Goncharov  Stephen Lichtenbaum

Karageorgis, Paschalis

Nonlinear Waves with Sign-changing Potentials

Walter Strauss

Leonard, Kathryn Elizabeth

Measuring Shape Space: E-entropy, Adaptive Coding and Two-dimensional Shape

David Mumford

Wang, Qingxue

Multiple polylogarithm motives and moduli spaces Mo, n

Alexander Goncharov Stephen Lichtenbaum


Acquista, Karen Elisa

A generation of class field theory using motivic complexes

Stephen Lichtenbaum

Jones, Raphael Falk

Galois Martingales and the Hyperbole Subset of the p-adic Mandelbrot Set

Joseph H. Silverman

Joyce, Michael Orin

Rational Points on the E6 Cubic Surface

Joseph H. Silverman

Lauzon, Michael Peter

Harmonic analysis for vector-valued functions

Sergei Treil

Walter, Benjamin, Charles

Rational Homotopy Calculus of Functors

Thomas G. Goodwillie

Wick, Brett Duane

Analytic Projections, The Geometry of Holomorphic Vector Bundles and Applications to the Corona Problem

Sergei Treil


Bucur, Alina Ioana

On the Simultaneous Nonvanishing of Quadratic Twists of GL(2) L-series Over the Rational Function Field

Jeffrey Hoffstein

Quang, Minh Ha

Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces in Learning Theory

Jill Pipher

Hur, Mikyoung

Steady Water Waves with Vorticity

Walter Strauss

Jiang, Yongbin

Weil-tale topology over local rings

Stephen Lichtenbaum

Wilkin, Graeme Peter

An analytic Stratification of the Space of Higgs

Georgios Daskalopoulos

Xing, Yulong

High order well-balance numerical schemes for hyperbolic systems with source terms

Chi-Wang Shu


Chen, Ming

Analysis of some nonlinear dispersive waves in a compressible hyperelastic plate

Walter Strauss

Hutz, Benjamin

Arithmetic Dynamics on Varieties of Dimension Greater than 1

Joseph H. Silverman

Jang, Juhi

Diffusive Expansion in Kinetic Theory and Dynamics of Gaseous

Yan Guo

King, Michael

Cluster ensembles of Type An and the Canonical Map for Configuration Spaces

Alexander Goncharov

Manes, Michelle

Arithmetic Dynamics of Rational Maps

Joseph H. Silverman


Kwon, Hyun-Kyoung

Similarity of Operators and Geometry of Eigenvector Bundles

Sergei Treil

Miller, Stephen Francis

The Calculus of Equivariant Spectra and a Classification of Degree 2 Endofunctors

Thomas G. Goodwillie

Stange, Katherine Elisabeth

Elliptic Nets and Elliptic Curves

Joseph H. Siilverman

Wise, Jonathan Samuel Dennis

The genus zero Gromov-Witten invariants of [Sym2 P2] and the enumerative geometry of hyperelliptic curves in P2

Dan Abramovich

Yasufuku, Yu

Vojta’s Conjecture and Blowups

Joseph H. Silverman


Katz, Daniel Jason

Sumfree Subsets in Cubes of Arbitrary Dimension

Joseph H. Silverman

Liaw, Constanze Dong-Li

Singular Integrals and Rank One Perturbations

Sergei Treil

Lin, Yu-Lin

Perturbation Theorems for Hele-Shaw Flows and Their Applications

Govind Menon

Park, Donghoon

1-Motives with Torsion and Cartier Duality

Stephen Lichtenbaum

Tsikkou, Charis

Hyperbolic Conservation Laws with Large Initial Data. Is the Cauchy Problem Well-Posed? BV Estimates for the P-System.

Constantine Dafermos

Ulfarsson, Henning Arnór

Extending Grothendieck Topologies to diagram categories and Serre functors on diagam schemes

Dan Abramovich


Lee, Chong Gyu

Height Estimates for Rational Maps

Joseph H. Silverman

Salikhov, Konstantin

Multiple Points of Immersions

Thomas G. Goodwillie


Ben-Artzi, Jonathan

Linear Instability of Nonmonotone Super Heated Plasmas

Walter Strauss

Chen, Qile

Logarithmic Stable Maps to Deligne - Faltings Paris

Dan Abramovich

Chhita, Sunil

Scaling Windows of Dimer Models

Richard Kenyon

Giansiracusa, Noah

Birational Models from Rational Normal Curves

Dan Abramovich

Gokturk, Ali

Comparison of Teichmuller Geodesics and Weil-Peterson Geodesics

Jeffrey Brock

Kim, Chanwoo

Initial Boundry Value Problem of the Boltzmann Equation

Yan Guo

Li, Zhongyang

Vertex Models Ising Models and Fisher Graph

Richard Kenyon

Ma, Xiaomin

Discrepancy of Point Distributionin Two Dimensions and Appication of Quasi-Monte Carlo Method in Intehral Estimation

Jill Pipher

Marcus, Steffen

Spaces of Stable Maps, Evaluation Spaces, and Polynomial Families of Tautological Classes

Dan Abramovich

Spencer, Matthew

Parameter Spaces of Power Series in Finite Characteristic

Joseph H. Silverman

Xiao, Xiao

Geometric-Arithmetic Averaging of Dyadic Weights, and Multi-Parametre Harmonic Analysis

Jill Pipher

Zhang, Xiangxiong

Maximum-Princile-Satifying and Positivity-Preserving High Order Schemes for Conservation Laws

Chi-Wang Shu


Lin, Quahui

On the Interactions of Dispersive Modes and Solition Dynamics

Justin Holmer

Sahinoglu, Hatice

On the Independence of Heegner Points

Joseph H. Silverman

Wu, Yunhui

Isometries on CAT (0) Spaces, Interation of Mapping Classes and Weil-Peterson Geometry

Jeffrey Brock


Anderson, Jacqueline

P-Adic Analogues of the Mandelbrot Set

Joseph H. Silverman

Davis, Diana

Cutting Sequences on Translation Surfaces

Richard Schwartz

Hong, Younghun

Nonliniar Schoedinger Equations with Potentials

Justin Holmer

Hulse, Thomas

Triple Shifted Sums of Automorphic L-Functions

Jeffrey Hoffstein

Lim, Li-Mei

Multiple Dirchlet Series Associated to Prehomogeneous Spaces and the Relation with GL (3) Eisenstein Series

Jeffrey Hoffstein

Muthaih, Dinikar

Double MV Cycles, Affine PBW Bases, and Crystal Combinatorics

Alexander Braverman

Sprung, Florian

The Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves in Towers of Number Fields

Joseph H. Silverman


Kiral, Eren Mehmet

Spectral Theory and Shifted Convolution Sums in Analytic Number Theory 

Jeffrey Hoffstein

Kuan, Chan Ieong

Hybrid Bounds on Twisted L-functions Associated to Modular Forms

Jeffrey Hoffstein

Leshin, Jonah

Class Field Towers, Solvable Galois Representations and Noether's Problem in Galois Theory

Joseph H. Silverman

Minevich, Igor

Cohomology of Topology Groups and Grothendieck Topologies

Stephen Lichtenbaum

Molcho, Samouil

Logarithmic Stable Maps with Torus Actions

Dan Abramovich

Tassy, Martin

Tiling by Bars

Richard Kenyon

Wheeler, Miles

Large-Amplitude Solitary Water Waves with Vorticity and Surface Pressure

Walter Strauss

Wiygul, David

Doubling Constructions with Asymmetric Sides

Nicolaos Kapouleas


Anderson, Theresa

A frameworkk for Calderon-Zygmund singular integral operators on spaces of homogeneous type

Jill Pipher

Belulovich, Thomas

Absolute Homotopy Limits

Thomas G. Goodwillie

Hindes, Wade

Galois uniformity in airthmetic dinamics

Joseph H. Silverman

Lai, Jingguo

Two weight problems and Bellman functions on filtered probability spaces 

Sergei Treil

Ma, Ningning

Tropicalization of the Dimer model

Richard Kenyon

Routis, Evangelos

Weighted compa ctifications of configuration spaces

Dan Abramovich

Tran, Minh-Hoang

Weil-Etale Cohomology and Special Values of L-Functions of 1-Motives

Stephen Lichtenbaum

Ulirsch, Martin

Tropical geometry of logarithmic schemes

Dan Abramovich

Winter, Dale

Mixing properties of flows on geometrically finite hyperbolic manifolds

Hee Oh

Wong, Wei Pin

Height functions and the specialization map for families of elliptic curves 

Joseph H. Silverman


Carter, Paul

Fast Pulses with Oscillatory Tails in the FitzHugh--Nagumo System

Bjorn Sandstede

Culiuc, Amalia

Weighted estimates of Calderon-Zygmund operators on vector-valued function spaces

Sergei Treil

Newkirk, Edward

Billiards with Bombs

Richard Schwartz

Ou, Yumeng

Multi-parameter commutators and new function spaces of bounded mean oscillation

Jill Pipher


Ascher, Kenneth

Higher Dimensional Birational Geometry: Moduli and Arithmetic

Dan Abramovich

Chen, Xiaoshuang

Duality Theorems and Special Value of Artin L-functions at Zero

Stephen Lichtenbaum

Healey, Vivian

The Loewner Equation with Branching and the Continuum Random Tree

Govin Menon

Kim, Semin

Harmonic Maps and the Moduli of Higgs Bundles

George Daskalopoulos

Le, Quang Nhat

A Family of Projective Natural Polygon Iterations

Richard Schwartz

Liu, Chang

Blow-Up For the 1D Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation With Point Nonlinearity

Walter Strauss

Lowry-Duda, David

On Some Variants of the Gauss Circle Problem

Jeffrey Hoffstein

McGrath, Peter

Existence and Uniqueness Results for Minimal Surfaces

Nicolaos Kapouleas

Ramassamy, Sanjay

Topics in Combinatorics, From Probability to Geometry

Richard Kenyon


Bejleri, Dori

A Tale of Two Moduli Spaces: Hilbert Schemes of Singular Curves and Moduli of Elliptic Surfaces

Dan Abramovich

Freidin, Brian

Harmonic maps between and into singular spaces

George Daskalopoulos

Harper, Alicia

Factorization of Deligne-Mumford Stacks

Dan Abramovich

Lai, Kuan-Wen

Cremona Transformations and Rational Parametrizations Inspired by Hodge Theory

Brendan Hassett

Malik, Numann

Dark Soliton Linearization of the 1D Gross-Pitaevskii Equation

Justin Holmer

Walker, Alexander

Sums of FourierCoefficients of Modular Forms and the Gauss Circle Problem

Jeffrey Hoffstein

Walton, Laura

Forward and Inverse Image Problems in Arithmetic Dynamics

Joseph Silverman

Yi, Ren

Domain Exchange Transformations and Their Renormalizations

Richard Schwartz


Asgarli, Shamil

Transversality for Algebraic Varieties Over Finite Fields

Brendan Hassett

Barron, Alexander

Sparse Bounds in Harmonic Analysis and Semiperiodic Estimates

Jill Pipher

Crites, Elizabeth

Delegatable Anonymous Credentials from Mercurial Signatures

Anna Lysyanskaya

Fang, Zhou

Shifted Sums of Integral and Half-Integral Weights Cusp Forms

Jeffrey Hoffstein

Gras Andreu, Victoria

Harmonic Maps between 2-Dimensional Simplicial Complexes

George Daskalopoulos

Gulian, Mamikon

Discovering and Solving Fractional-Order Partial Differential Equations: Machine Learning and Monte Carlo Methods

George Karniadakis

Kim, Seoyoung

The Distribution of the Trace of Frobenius and its Applications in Number Theory

Joseph Silverman

Li, Linhan

$L^p$ Dirichlet Problems for Second Order Elliptic Operators Having BMOO Anti-Symmetric Part

Jill Pipher

Peterpaul, Cyrus

Lifting Arc Diagrams under Branched Covers:  An Inverse Problem and its Algorithmic Solution

Jeremy Kahn

Silverman, Thomas

Stability in Non-archimedean Dynamics

Joseph Silverman

Solomon, Yitzchak

Inverse Problems for Topological Transforms

Jeffrey Brock

Wang, Zili

On Convex Polyhedra: Their Metric Properties and Moduli Spaces

Richard Schwartz

Weber, Ashley

Hyperbolicity, Convexity, and Simplicial Embeddings of Graphs Associated to Surfaces

Jeffrey Brock

Zhang, Xufan

Random systems with discrete parallel dynamics and their scaling limits.

Richard Kenyon

Zhu, Yuwei

On Mumford's Construction of Abelian fourfolds

Brendan Hassett


George, Terrence

Cluster Integrable Systems and Statistical Mechanics

Richard Kenyon

Inchiostro, Giovanni

Wall-Crossing Morphisms for Moduli of Stable Pairs

Dan Abramovich

Kakaroumpas, Spyridon

Sharp Weighted Estimates in Harmonic Analysis 

Sergei Treil

Li, Xiang Raymond

The Laplacian of Directed Planar Graphs

Richard Kenyon

Wang, Yuhan

Incompressible Surfaces in Hyperbolic Four-Punctured Sphere Bundles

Richard Schwartz

Xiao, Yang

On the Algebraic Aspects of Complex Hyperboli

Jeffrey Brock

Zhang, Zhiyuan

Stability Problems in Fluids and Plasmas

Walter Strauss


Ivanov, Milen

Truncation of Contact Defects in Reaction-Diffusion Systems

Bjorn Sandstede

Jiang, Peihong

A Construction of Divergent Weil-Petersson Geodesic Rays with Common Filling Ending Lamination

Jeffrey Brock

Li, Ang

Robustness of Planar Target Patterns

Bjorn Sandstede

McDonough, Alexander


Higher-Dimensional Sandpile Groups and Matrix-Tree Multijection

Caroline Klivans

Ouyang, Zhimeng

Some Topics in Kinetic and Dispersive PDEs

Yan Guo


Ge, Tangli

Uniform Mordell-Lang Plaus Bogomolov

Dan Abramovich

Han, Minsik

Arithmetic Dynamics on Rational Maps with Nontrivial Automorphisms

Joseph Silverman

Liang, Zhehui

A Dynamical Approach to the Inverse Spectral Problem for Hamkel

Sergei Treil

Weinreich, Max

Algebraic Dynamics, Moduli Spaces, and Integrability

Joseph Silverman

Yun, Claudia

Tropical Moduli Spaces of Curves

Melody Chan


Ferendo, Kaya

Fl-Calculus and Representation Stability

Thomas Goodwillie

Kannan, Siddarth

Combinatorics and Topology of Muduli Spaces

Melody Chan

Liu, Yanze

Sobolev Estimates for Non-Local PDE's

Hongjie Dong

Quek, Ming Hao

Resolution of Singularities Via Logarithmic Stacks with a View Toward the Monodromy Conjecture

Dan Abramovich

Sweeney, Mark

Dynamical Galois Representations

Joseph Silverman

Zou, Jiahau

New Gluing Constructions of Mineral Surfaces

Nicolaos Kapouleas

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