Virtual Day on College Hill (Virtual ADOCH)

Special Note from Professor Benoit Pausader, one of the Directors of Undergraduate Studies:  
"Congratulations to the future class of 2024! Since you will not be able to visit our nice campus, we have arranged for you to meet some members of the mathematics community at Brown. In addition to videos from the department staff, you can join several undergraduates at different stages of their academic journey as they talk about themselves and their experience at Brown. Please feel free to Browse and if you have more questions, you can contact us at [email protected].''


Meet the Directors of Undergraduate Studies:
Professor Benoit Pausader
Professor Richard Schwartz

Meet some of our students:
Matei Coiculescu
Sylvia Nacar
Joanna Tasmin

Meet some faculty:
Daniel Katz

Meet a staff member:
Lori Nascimento