Our specialists have expertise in providing perioperative care to patients with cardiac disease and managing patients on cardiopulmonary bypass. We deliver anesthesia to adult patients for many types of operations on the heart, including coronary artery revascularization, valve replacements and repairs, procedures on the thoracic aorta, and congenital heart disease repairs. Additionally we provide anesthesia for interventional cardiology procedures including transcatheter aortic valve replacement and transcatheter mitral valve repairs. For most open cardiac procedures, we perform and interpret transesophageal echocardiograms intraoperatively, which are used to assess cardiac function for the duration of the surgery. Cardiac surgery is considered to be generally complex and our team of anesthesiologists interface with health care providers throughout the hospital to implement the optimal care plan for each patient preoperatively, intraoperatively, and postoperatively.

Cardiothoracic anesthesia subspecialty training comprises expertise in thoracic anesthesia, including lung resection, esophageal surgery, airway surgery, and surgery on the chest wall and other organs in the chest such as lymph nodes, thymus, and pleura. These procedures often require advanced management of the airway, including the placement and management of specialized double lumen endotracheal tubes or bronchial blockers to facilitate ventilation of one lung during the operation. When appropriate, we often place regional anesthesia blocks or epidural catheters to improve postoperative pain for these procedures. We work closely with the thoracic surgeons as a part of a coordinated care approach to provide the highest level of care to each patient.

  • Shyamal R. Asher
  • Tzong Huei-Herb Chen
    Tzong-Huei - Herb Chen, MD
  • Devon Flaherty, MD
  • Michelle Gorgone, MD
  • Geoffrey Hayward
    Geoffrey Hayward, MD
  • Caroline Hunter, MD
  • Andrew Maslow, MD
  • Molly Eaton Thomas, MD