Child Neurology

The Division of Child Neurology's mission is to provide optimal care for children with neurological disorders and establish excellence in education and research through diverse programs in clinical and basic neurosciences.

  • Medical education requires intellectual curiosity, sharing knowledge, and continued learning. 
  • All individuals deserve quality care. 
  • Academic medical institutions should facilitate academic and service opportunity for medical staff, residents and trainees. 
  • Medical education requires participation and responsibility. 
  • Patients with subspecialty disorders coming to a tertiary institution should have early involvement of the appropriate subspecialty.

Our division provides consultative services at Hasbro Children's Hospital and Pediatric Emergency Department, which residents and students rotate through. 

Parents can learn more on our Information for Parents page.

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For the Children's Neurodevelopment Center of Hasbro Children's Hospital, a multidisciplinary center for children with neurodevelopmental disorders, please call (401) 444-5685