Q&I welcomes tax-deductible gifts to help us achieve our mission of testing interventions to improve care for older adults, by funding activities that are not otherwise funded by grants. Gifts help us to:

  • Identify and vet promising interventions
  • Conduct preliminary studies necessary for successful grant applications
  • Write proposals to obtain funding to conduct studies
  • Accelerate high-priority, time-sensitive research
  • Hire students to assist with our priorities, while they develop applied research skills

We thank our generous donors, including:

  • Alaska State Hospital & Nursing Home Association
  • American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living
  • David Gifford, MD, MPH
  • National Foundation for the Advancement of Elder and Disabled Care in America
  • Robin Hillier
  • Jan Thayer (in memoriam)

You may donate online or by mailing a check:

Brown University Gift Cashier
Box 1877
Providence, RI 02912

Please note: To ensure your donation is directed appropriately, please (1) specify “Center for Long-Term Care Quality & Innovation” under “other” electronically or in the check’s memo and (2) notify [email protected] to expect your donation.

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