Infection Tracking Logs


Nursing center leaders seeking to improve their infection tracking can download and use one of our two customizable infection tracking logs.

Q&I developed these logs as part of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention contract to improve antibiotic stewardship in skilled nursing centers (#200-2016-91773 001). They capture the clinical data nursing centers already document for infections, often using paper-based logs.

While developed for antibiotic stewardship, these tools include all of the data you document for infections, including COVID-19. The files enable you to link data for infectious episodes, generate performance reports for your QAPI programs, and visualize infections on your floor plan.

Choose from two tracking options:


Microsoft Excel

(March 2020)

Google Sheets

(January 2022)


Tracking of resident clinical information, prescriptions, treatments, and therapies for infections

All of the Excel log functions, plus tracking of additional clinical information (e.g., resident vital signs, lab data, and COVID-19 testing data) and infection control measures


Download the template and review the training videos and/or user guide to customize and use it*

Make a copy of the template for your use and review the “How To” tab for training videos and user information



Advanced users seeking to edit password-protected fields, can use "password" or "Password"

To view and copy the file you will need a google account or a google-linked email account. If you do not have a google account, you can create one or link to your current email address (select Use my current email address instead). There is no identifiable patient information captured.

*You need someone who is knowledgeable about Excel to build the floor plan. This is a one-time setup. After that initial setup, a nurse or infection preventionist can use the file to track infections on an ongoing basis. 

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