COVID-19 vaccination among nursing center staff

National Institute on Aging
Sarah Berry, MD (Hebrew SeniorLife)
Vincent Mor, PhD
Priority area:
Nursing center staff COVID-19 vaccination
Conduct a pragmatic trial in which nursing centers are randomized to implement one of two educational interventions to increase staff COVID-19 vaccine uptake
Q&I role:
This trial is one of numerous administrative supplements to the IMPACT Collaboratory and is jointly led by IMPACT’s co-leads, Q&I and Hebrew SeniorLife.
Nursing center staff COVID-19 vaccine coverage remains, on average, under 50%, but there are no proven interventions to increase uptake. This trial was originally funded to focus on COVID-19 testing strategies, but shifted to vaccination as the pandemic evolved rapidly. The team’s ability to pivot attests to our responsiveness to the environment.
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“Somebody Like Me”: Understanding COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Among Staff in Skilled Nursing Facilities

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