S4 provides consulting services to the Brown community. S4 staff members are available to meet with faculty and students to assist with project development at any stage. S4 can help identify needs, assist with research design and grant proposal writing, and consult on execution/operational concerns. S4 provides technical consulting in the following areas:

  • Interactive web based mapping
  • Website development, data storage, and dissemination
  • Advanced features of ArcGIS
  • Scripting for ArcGIS in Python
  • Applied spatial statistics, geocomputation, and simulation
  • Spatial analysis in R
  • Spatial database design
  • Cartography and spatial data visualization
  • Remote sensing and satellite image analysis

S4 consulting is at no charge and is offered on a staff-available basis.  For large or long-term projects researchers are encouraged to discuss their needs with the S4 Director.  
Please contact Dr. Guixing Wei  (guixing_wei for further information. 

On the left-side panel S4 presents several tutorials and datasets that may be of use to you . Tutorials Resources tab will take you to a series of self-paced steps on individual topics in GIS. Instructions, map files, and data are provided in these tutorials.  The user will need to provide the appropriate softwares such as ArcGIS or GeoDa. Under the Data Resources tab, you can find several illustrative data sets from S4's research projects.