S4 offers a variety of training activities. The links to the left provide information about the GIS Institute, the graduate certificate program in spatial analysis, and other courses and workshops that we offer. A short summary of our offerings is provided below.

GIS Institute
Since 2005 S4 has offered Brown faculty, staff, and graduate students an intensive two-week introduction to GIS mapping and spatial analysis. Additional information available here.

Certificate in Spatial Analysis
Doctoral students who wish to develop a specialization in spatial approaches within their graduate program can take advantage of a range of courses that include both statistical analysis and substantive applications. 

S4 faculty offer several undergraduate and graduate courses in GIS, spatial analysis, and spatial thinking. Different courses are offered each semester and are announced as part of Brown’s normal registration process. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact S4’s Director Kevin Mwenda.

Specialized workshops are offered periodically throughout the academic year. For inquiries, feel free to contact S4’s Senior Research Scientist Guixing Wei.