Student Poster Projects

During the Fall 2016, Undergraduates in Professor Rachel Franklin's SOC 1340: Principles and Methods of Geographic Information Systems created and conducted GIS research projects in an area of the students' choosing. The course served as an introduction to the fundamental principles and methods of geographic information systems and covered theories/concepts and related analytical tools that facilitate understanding of the spatial organization of individuals, societies, and economies.

Fall 2016:

#GroceryStoresMatter: Uncovering the Relationship Between Areas of Low Food Access and Race in Baltimore City

Alexis D. Alston ’17

Business, Entrepreneurship and Organization

How Green is Greenville County? An analysis of Greenspace accessibility by race in Greenville, SC

Anjali Carroll ’17

Urban Studies & Hispanic Studies

Historic Landmarks & Flood Risk in New York City

Ashley So ’17 

Urban Studies

A Spatial Evaluation of the Impact of Megafaunal Extinctions on the Ranges and Dispersal Potential of Trees in the United States

Bailey McLaughlin ’17

Environmental Studies

Food insecurity in RI: A spatial representation of access to grocery stores in Providence and Pawtucket, RI

Bella Du Mond ’17

Environmental Studies

Filling Los Angeles’ Mental Health Care Gaps

Brett Dunlavey ’18

Urban Studies

Oyster Aquaculture in Rhode Island: 1912 to present

Maaike Tiersma ‘17

Environmental Studies

Internet Accessibility in Providence for People Seeking Employment

Mike Matsuno ’18

Sociology & History

Public Transportation and Social Vulnerability in RI: Does RIPTA Serve the populations that Need it Most?

Sonya Gurwitt ’17

Environmental Studies

Produce for the People?: Analyzing Farmers Market Location & Access in New York City

Timothy Ittner ’18

Social Analysis and Research