An Evening at Ladd Observatory

July 24th

On Tuesday evening, we invite you to join us for an evening of stargazing, pizza, beer, and wine at Ladd Observatory / 210 Doyle Street in Providence

8:00pm: Pizza and drinks served outdoors / Sunset is at 8:12pm
8:30pm: Twilight views of the nearly full moon
9:00pm: The sky will be dark enough to observe Jupiter, Saturn and Mars

One of Jupiter's moons, Io, will be passing in front of the planet and casting a shadow on Jupiter's cloud tops this night. 

3Ladd copy.jpg

The historic Ladd Observatory is an astronomical observatory of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. It opened in 1891 under US astronomer and Brown Professor, Winslow Upton. The observatory started a regular program of transit observations and timekeeping in 1893.

The observatory opens its doors weekly to let visitors peer through the same telescope H.P. Lovecraft frequently used to peek into the infinite wonder of space. It is a rare, functional example of how we used to interact with space. For example, the observatory was built before the neighborhood had electricity. So every action, from the positioning of the telescope to the opening of the great domed roof, is performed manually just as it would have been in 1891.