Date March 30, 2017
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From largest applicant pool in history, Brown admits 2,722 to Class of 2021

The University made offers of admission on March 30 to next year’s incoming undergraduate class, who represent all 50 states and 77 nations around the world.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — The Office of College Admission at Brown University made 2,027 offers of admission today to next year’s incoming class. Admitted students for the Class of 2021 include these 2,027 students from Brown’s regular decision pool combined with the 695 students offered admission in the University’s early decision program, for a total of 2,722 admitted students.

The offers, posted on Brown’s undergraduate admission website at 5 p.m. on March 30, represent 8.3 percent of the 32,724 students who applied, the largest applicant pool in the University’s history. The Class of 2020, admitted in March 2016, had established the previous high mark for Brown, with 32,390 applicants.

Forty-seven percent of the members of this year's admitted class identify as students of color, and admitted students represent 1,799 secondary schools across the nation and around the world.

"We are deeply humbled and honored that so many students chose to apply to Brown this year," said Logan Powell, who joined Brown as dean of admission last July. "This admitted student group is extraordinary in every way, representing a range of backgrounds, talents and academic passions that is stunning in its breadth and depth. We look forward to welcoming the Class of 2021 to campus next fall as they begin their Brown journey."

Admitted students have until May 1 to accept the University’s offer of admission. Brown anticipates an incoming class of approximately 1,665.

Highlights from the admitted Class of 2021 include:

The pool: The applicant pool of 32,724 is the largest in Brown’s history.

Admission rate: The University admitted 8.3 percent of applicants to the Class of 2021.

Academic standing: Ninety-seven percent of admitted students are in the top 10 percent of their high school classes.

Diversity: Forty-seven percent identify as students of color.

Financial aid: Sixty-four percent of admitted students intend to apply for financial aid.

United States: Students have been admitted from all 50 states. The top five states are California, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Florida.

International: Students from 77 nations are represented in the admitted class. The top five countries are India, China, the United Kingdom, Canada and Singapore.

High schools: Admitted students come from 1,799 high schools: 62 percent attend public schools; 31 percent attend private schools; and 7 percent are from parochial schools.

Academic interests: The top 10 intended concentrations include: engineering, biology, biochemistry, computer science, economics, political science, BEO (business, entrepreneurship and organizations), English, mathematics, neuroscience.

Brown-RISD Dual Degree Program: Of 727 applicants, 21 students were admitted to the Brown-RISD Dual Degree Program, a 2.9-percent admission rate.

Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME): Of 2,434 applicants, 95 students were admitted to PLME, a 3.9-percent admission rate. The PLME is an eight-year program leading to both a bachelor’s degree and an M.D. degree from Brown's Warren Alpert Medical School.