Restorative Justice

Traditional models of 'justice' focus on laws that have been broken, finding out who broke those laws, and deciding what those people deserve as a result. Restorative Justice focuses instead on who has been harmed by certain actions, what those people need in order to heal, and who is responsible for meeting those needs. This shift in focus allows us to employ alternative methods for resolving issues of harm.

Restorative Justice is a concept and process that focuses on bringing responsible parties and harmed parties together in facilitated dialogue about incidents that have caused harm. It centers the voice and experience of the harmed party, allowing them an opportunity to heal by processing, understanding, and articulating their experience and their needs. This process also helps individuals take active responsibility for harm they have caused and provides an opportunity for them to understand the impact of their actions on others. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Restorative Justice initiative, if you would like to get involved as a facilitator in the process, or if you think you might have a case that is appropriate for a Restorative Justice approach, please contact Kirsten Wolfe at [email protected] or via telephone at 401-863-2653.