Contemplative Studies Partnership

 The Contemplative Studies Initiative at Brown is an important partner with the Mindfulness Center. For over a decade, Prof. Harold D. Roth and his colleagues, including several Mindfulness Center members, have brought high-level contemplative scholars, practitioners and artists to Brown University to enrich the learning environment. These invitations have included many of the global leaders in mindfulness research, scholarship, and teaching.

 The Contemplative Studies undergraduate concentration allows students to choose either a science or humanities track. Science Track students can have their Honors theses and Capstone Projects supervised by many of the Mindfulness Center Senior Investigators and Faculty Advisors and Affiliates. Contemplative Studies also provides an interdisciplinary venue for many of the Mindfulness Center faculty to meet and share ideas across disciplines with other members of Contemplative Studies. Contemplative Studies is one of the primary nurturing reasons that allowed the Mindfulness Center to manifest at Brown.  

The distinct mission of the Mindfulness Center is focused on (1) performing high quality, methodologically rigorous research about the impacts of mindfulness on health, inclusive of multiple mindfulness intervention typologies, and (2) Providing collaborative, evidence-based resources to providers (e.g. hospitals, schools, businesses) in the state of Rhode Island and beyond who are interested in offering mindfulness-based interventions. This mission is distinct from the Contemplative Studies mission found here, which is more broadly educational. We consider ourselves complementary with each other, and stronger together than apart.