U-FLi Peer Counselor Program

The Undocumented, First-Generation College, and Low-Income (U-FLi) Peer Counselors foster the holistic success of all undergraduate U-FLi students through peer advising and the coordination of ongoing community building and identity development activities. The cohort of 5 peer mentors are supported by the U-FLi Peer Counselor Student Coordinator and the professional staff of the center. Undergraduate students, particularly first-year U-FLi students, are highly encouraged to connect with a U-FLi PC to learn about campus resources and build a connection with a supportive peer. For many students, the U-FLi PC's are the first point of contact with the U-FLi Center team. 

Throughout the school year, undergraduate students can expect U-FLi PC's to provide the following:

  • general peer advising and mentoring to students that equips them with the tools to successfully navigate campus resources and social life at Brown
  • community enrichment activities and events that cultivate a sense of belonging and connection among U-FLi students
  • community conversations that are focused on personal growth and identity development