Website Pre-Launch Checklist

The Web and Digital Communications team reviews all new websites before they are launched. Prior to launch, new websites are evaluated for compliance with University standards and policies for website accessibility, visual identity, technology and overall quality. We encourage web content editors to refer to this checklist regularly — before and during the site development process in order to expedite the website launch request process.

Refer to Brown’s website best practices for detail about meeting the website launch evaluation criteria.

Digital Accessibility

  1. Images have accurate, descriptive alternative text. 
  2. Section headings are used to organize content and are written in title case or sentence case.
  3. Links have a clear purpose based on the link text alone. (e.g. the phrase "more information" is linked, instead of "click here for more information").
  4. Text conveys information rather than images of text. (e.g. JPEGs, PNGs and other image files should not be used to display text).
  5. Site complies with Brown's Web Accessibility Policy and does not return material errors when checked with a web accessibility evaluation tool.

University Identity

  1. Site complies with the University's Visual Identity Policy and Editorial Style Guide.
  2. For school, academic division, department, program, office, institute, center or University-wide initiative websites, Brown's universal website header and footer are present.

Quality Assurance and Best Practice

  1. Content is accurate, up-to-date and free of typos.
  2. The site is responsive and mobile-friendly.
  3. Images are optimized (e.g. generally less than 200 KB in file size).
  4. Images used in components are sized properly according to guidelines.
  5. Site does not duplicate information from authoritative University sources (e.g. course information, tuition and fees, academic calendar dates, etc.).
  6. Navigation is clear, concise and facilitates access to the information visitors seek.

If you have questions about this checklist, please contact the OUC Web and Digital team by sending an email to [email protected].

Ready to Launch?

When the content, navigation and design of your site are complete and ready for final review, you can submit a website launch request. Please submit the request at least ten days before you would like your website to launch.

Submit a Launch Request

If you have questions about this checklist, please contact the Web and Digital Communications team by sending an email to [email protected].