What You Can Do Now

The University launched a new homepage on April 2, 2019. The next phase of the brown.edu rebuild project is sequentially rebuilding the remaining 200+ official University sites in the new version of the content management system. Rebuilding Brown’s remaining websites will happen over a two year period. Brown’s Executive Leadership will determine a prioritization matrix, and the Office of University Communications will schedule migrations and provide support to the University’s internal teams.

The Office of University Communications and Computing and Information Services will schedule work and provide support to individual departments and campus units for rebuilding their sites. Departments will not be expected to independently undertake these projects.

What can you do to prepare for rebuilding your website?

  1. Review
  2. Reorganize
  3. Rewrite

Time spent now on reviewing, reorganizing and rewriting your web content will pay off in the future. If your current webpages are in the best possible shape, rebuilding them into the new version of the content management system will be easier and more efficient. (Not to mention that your website will be better in the interim.)

Getting Started (Following Best Practice!)

Confirm Audiences and Messages

Determine the target audience(s) for your webpages and the messages you want them to understand.
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Audit Existing Content

Review and evaluate each webpage to determine if it will be retained, revised or removed.
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Improve Organization of Pages

Consider the structure of your website (the information architecture) with an eye toward improving the organization of the pages.
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Revise Your Content

Spend time rewriting your content, making it accurate, up-to-date and free of typos. Eliminate duplicate pages and write new copy to cover missing information.
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