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Brown University faculty conduct consequential research across academic fields and disciplines. Faculty in Focus: The Podcast provides a glimpse into the work of some of Brown’s most compelling faculty members. Through interviews with Provost Richard Locke, professors demystify their work and offer insights into what sparked their interest and what continues to drive their curiosity today. It is one of many efforts intended to elevate awareness of the faculty and the work that they’re doing across campus that is making a difference locally and globally.



Faculty in Focus with John Friedman


John N. Friedman

Professor of Economics and International and Political Affairs

In this episode, John Friedman discusses his research, which combines economics, big data, and public policy to understand why some children rise out of poverty and some do not. He’s particularly interested in measuring upward mobility - or what we call “the American Dream”- whether low income children grow up to earn more than their parents. His research is designed to inform powerful policy changes across the country, in specific neighborhoods, and on college campuses.


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For more on the work John Friedman discusses in this episode, see this webpageGoogle Scholar page and the following:

NEW! The Opportunity Atlas: Mapping the Childhood Roots of Social Mobility  
October 2018
(joint with Raj Chetty, Nathan Hendren, Maggie R. Jones, and Sonya R. Porter
See Also: Opportunity Atlas Interactive MapsNon-Technical Summary, and Publicly Available Datasets



Faculty In Focus with Diane Lipscombe


Diane Lipscombe

Thomas J Watson Sr. Professor of Science, Department of Neuroscience and Director, Carney Institute for Brain Science

Diane Lipscombe runs the Carney Institute for Brain Science at Brown - a hub of researchers focused on developing scientific breakthroughs in conditions such as epilepsy, autism, and depression.

In this episode, Diane talks about the want ad that transformed her life trajectory, how research about the heart informed her study of the brain, and what motivates her more than 30 years after her first job as a research assistant.

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Faculty in Focus: The Podcast


Tricia Rose

Chancellor's Professor of Africana Studies, Director of the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America, Brown University

Recorded on September 20th, 2019

In this episode, with great humor and humanity, Professor Rose discusses the origins of her interest in hip-hop, the triumphs and trials she faced pursuing her field of study, and how she remains optimistic as she delves deeply into the causes and ramifications of persistent, systemic racism.   




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