Purchasing Services is responsible for negotiating and implementing university-wide discount pricing agreements.  These agreements provide discounted pricing on the most commonly ordered goods from suppliers.

Utilizing the suppliers that have agreements in place maximizes the value of the dollars spent and provides enhanced opportunities for the University to use economies of scale in pricing and services negotiations with external suppliers.

Purchasing Services can help departments in making informed purchasing decisions by:

  • Providing information about products, services, and University-wide agreements
  • Recommending suppliers who can best match departmental needs 
  • Negotiating contracts and pricing agreements
  • Identifying buying cooperatives and other group purchase opportunities for cost savings
  • Providing information about purchasing policies and procedures
  • Managing and coordinating bid processes

Purchasing Services is also responsible for:

  • Developing, interpreting, and communicating purchasing policies
  • Approving purchases when central approval is required by policy
  • Handling the dispatching of all Purchase Orders to Suppliers
  • Maintaining the University’s supplier data including the Supplier Registration process
  • Collecting, reviewing and maintaining  certificates of insurance from Suppliers
  • Coordinating contracting issues with the Office of General Counsel