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Contract Review at Strategic Procurement & Contracts

Strategic Procurement & Contracts (SPC) is responsible for reviewing contracts for the purchase of goods and services with the exception that OIT provides contract review for all IT contracts at Brown for administrative, academic, and research purposes. OIT Contract review includes assessing a security level if there is Brown data involved. 

The Brown Contract Management System (BCM) has been created to manage this process.  It is also used to create Professional Services Agreements from the template created by the Office of the General Counsel.  

In order for contract requests to be submitted through BCM, the individual submitted must have been provided with access to the system.  Access to the system must be requested by submitting a Help Ticket.  Training completed in Workday Learning is required prior to access being granted.  

The information entered by the person with the “contract requester” role will allow the system to route the contract to either SPC or OIT.   The “contract managers” within those departments will be able to manage the contract review within the system including sending messages back to the department and routing for additional University reviews from other areas when needed.   

Once the contract review is complete and the contract is ready to be sent for signature, the contract manager in SPC or OIT will send it through DocuSign to obtain the required signatures.

Training and job aids are available through Workday Learning.

Check the Contract Signature Authority Policy schedule posted on the OGC website to determine who can sign contracts. The ‘contract requester’ is responsible for indicating on the request form who should sign the contract. 

  Tips for contracting for goods and services:

  • Check the Strategic Supplier webpage - a University wide contract may already exist
  • Be familiar with the University's competitive bid process requirements
  • Support the University's initiatives such as utilizing local and diversity suppliers, and making selections that support sustainability
  • Be familiar with the University's signature authority policy
  • Plan for sufficient time for contract reviews to be conducted
  • Be sure to submit all required information for contract review requests
  • Suppliers must be registered in Workday prior to submitting the contract request

For more information about the University’s contracting process please visit the Workday Learning link below and enroll in the Brown Contracts Management Basics training module.