Doing Business with Brown

Brown University values its relationships with suppliers, relying on a wide variety of products and services to achieve our commitment to excellence in education, research and operations. Learn more about how you can build a working relationship with Brown by reviewing the guidelines and policies below.

Information for Suppliers

Purchasing decisions at Brown University are typically made by units and departments based on their specific needs. Brown’s Office of Strategic Purchasing, and Contracts helps to identify potential suppliers, manage contracts and ensure University policies are followed and terms and conditions are met. Brown University follows a competitive supplier selection process.

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Requirements for Suppliers

Suppliers must meet the requirements stated on the Procurement Standards page. Your ability to meet these requirements will be an important part of the business relationship.

Suppliers who will be involved in the production of merchandise using University logos must become licensed through the process described in the Brown University Licensee Code of Conduct Policy.

The University’s standard business Terms and Conditions and other policies can be viewed using the links below.

Insurance Requirements

The University requires minimum insurance standards for all suppliers performing, selling or distributing products and services at Brown. If a product or service represents an unusual or exceptional risk or potential liability, additional insurance requirements for that product or service may be established.

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Begin Working with Brown

Once a department has identified a new supplier that they would like to work with, the department will submit a request to have the supplier added. The supplier management team will review the request. Upon approval, new suppliers will receive an invitation to register as a University supplier.

Brown is committed to building relationships with the city and state we call home. Are you a local supplier interested in working with Brown University? Add your name to our contact list.  We also allow submissions from national and international suppliers. 

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