The Graduate Certificate in Archaeology of the Ancient World, administered by the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World, offers graduate students already enrolled in Ph.D. programs at Brown University the opportunity to acquire and to consolidate a foundational background in archaeology of the Mediterranean or Near East that may enhance the students' experiences in their primary, degree-granting graduate program.  The graduate certificate enables students to develop methodological and theoretical expertise and credentials in the interdisciplinary field of archaeology, giving them the opportunity for advanced training in the field; providing them with specialized professional training in archaeology; and fostering a community of scholars dedicated to the study of the discipline.

The certificate is flexibly structured, in order to meet the needs of doctoral students across all disciplines at Brown who have an interest in developing their skills in and knowledge of archaeology.  Students are required to complete four courses, which may be taken at any time during their graduate study at Brown.  The certificate also requires completion of a final project, as well as fieldwork on an archaeological project, in a lab, in a museum, or a combination of these experiences.


Certificate Requirements

  1. Four courses, taken at any point in the course of graduate studies at Brown.  The courses should be divided between courses that cover the Institute’s regional focus, and courses that explore theoretical, methodological, or comparative issues in archaeology.  This combination of regional and topical expertise reflects not only the Institute’s own approach, but also the skills and knowledge expected by our peers at other universities.
    No prerequisites will be required, and there is no sequence of courses.  These courses will typically be offered or cross-listed in Archaeology and the Ancient World (ARCH), but in specific cases could include relevant courses in other departments.  At least three of the four classes must be at the 2000 level, usually graduate seminars.

    All courses must be approved, preferably in advance, by the Joukowsky Institute’s Director of Graduate Studies.

    Courses should include:

    1. 2 courses in Mediterranean, Near Eastern or Egyptian archaeology (of any time period, prehistoric, Greek, Roman, medieval or later).
    2. 2 courses that explore theoretical, methodological, or comparative issues in archaeology.
  2. One substantial research project and resulting paper (usually of 30-50 pages in length). This may be an expansion of a course or field project, but should build upon that research. The research paper will be assessed by the Director of Graduate Studies, in consultation with relevant faculty members.
  3. Three weeks of fieldwork on an archaeological project, in a lab, in a museum, or a combination of these experiences.  This time can be cumulative, over the entirety of students’ time at Brown.  Students should consult in advance with the Director of Graduate Studies to confirm that these experiences are appropriate and may be counted towards this requirement.


Recognizing the Completion of the Program

The Director of Graduate Studies will review students’ transcripts to verify they have completed the necessary coursework.  (Though there is no minimum required grade, students are expected to meet normal standards of doctoral work in these courses.) Students will also be expected to submit their completed research papers to the DGS for review.  Informal documentation of the completion of three weeks of fieldwork should also be provided to the DGS.

Successful completion of the requirements of the certificate program will be recognized on the Brown University transcript with a notation indicating the completion of advanced study in Archaeology of the Ancient World.


Admission to the Certificate Program

Students are strongly encouraged to contact the Joukowsky Institute’s Director of Graduate Studies early in their consideration of whether to pursue this certificate option. To apply to the Certificate Program in Archaeology of the Ancient World, students should apply online through Brown University's UFunds, attaching a CV and requesting that the Director of Graduate Studies in the applicant's home department provide a letter of recommendation.


Additional Information

More information on graduate certificates at Brown University can be found on the Graduate School's Doctoral Certificates page.

For questions about the Graduate Certificate in Archaeology of the Ancient World, contact the Joukowsky Institute's Director of Graduate Studies, or email [email protected].