The following is a list of dissertations that have been submitted since 2007. Electronic versions of many recent dissertations can be found in Brown University's Digital Repository.


Alex Marko
The Archaeology of Roman Hourly Timekeeping

Miriam Rothenberg
Community and Corrosion: A Contemporary Archaeology of Montserrat’s Volcanic Crisis in Long-Term Comparative Perspective


Laurel Darcy Hackley
Social Landscapes of the Egyptian Deserts, 3000-1100 BCE


Jennifer Thum
Words in the Landscape: The Mechanics of Egyptian Royal Living-Rock Stelae


Ian Randall
Setting an Insular Table: Pottery, Identity, and Connectivity on Crete and Cyprus at the End of Antiquity

Catherine Steidl
Community Formation in Iron Age Ionia: Experience and Practice in Comparative Perspective


J. Andrew Dufton
Works in Progress: Regional Trends and Grassroots Developments in the Cities of Roman North Africa

Pinar Durgun
Mortuary Places, Rituals, and Memories: Anatolian Cemeteries in Context

Kathryn McBride
The Social Life of Coins: Local Reactions to Roman Imperialism beyond the Frontier


Emanuela Bocancea
Ad Fines Imperii: The Roman Army in Dacia and Arabia (2nd-3rd centuries CE)

Müge Durusu-Tanrıöver
Experiencing the Hittite Empire in Its Borderlands

Linda Gosner
Mining Matters: Rural Communities and Industrial Landscapes in Roman Iberia (3rd century BCE-2nd century CE)

Katherine Harrington
Home Economics: Domestic Production and Household Industry in Classical and Hellenistic Greece

Jessica Nowlin
Reorienting Orientalization: Intrasite Networks of Value and Consumption in Central Italy

Clive Vella
The Diminishing Collective: Inequality and Social Complexity in Later Central Mediterranean Prehistory


Sarah Craft
Pilgrimage Pragmatics: Travel Infrastructure, Movement, and Connectivity in Late Roman and Early Byzantine Cilicia

Alexander Smith
Indigeneity and Colonial Response: The Metamorphoses of Balearic Culture in the Late Iron Age


Claudia Moser
Material Witnesses: The Altars of Republican Rome and Latium and the Memory of Sacrifice

Elizabeth Murphy
Roman Workplaces, Work Practice, and Working Lives: A Multi-Scalar Socio-Economic Study of Ceramic Production in the Eastern Mediterranean


Alex Knodell
Small World Networks and Mediterranean Dynamics in the Euboean Gulf: An Archaeology of Complexity in Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Greece

Thomas P. Leppard
The Logics of Island Life: The Archaeology of Movement, Distance, and Settlement in the Neolithic Aegean and Ceramic Age Lesser Antilles

Jason Urbanus
Settlement and Space in a Provincial Landscape: The Roman Conquest of Northwest Iberia and Its Effects on the Castros Culture


Lyra Monteiro
Racializing the Ancient World: Ancestry and Identity in the Early United States

Bradley Sekedat
Large Polities and Small Quarries: Local Resources and Imperial Governance in Roman Asia Minor

Carolyn Swan
In Flux: Glass, Technology, and the Glassmaking Industry of the Middle Byzantine and Early Islamic Eastern Mediterranean -- The Archaeology and Archaeometry of a High-Temperature Craft


Cecilia Feldman Weiss
Living Fluidly: The Uses and Meanings of Water in Asia Minor (2nd century BCE- 2nd century CE)


Sarah Dawson
Social Memory and Fifth Century Coinage

Kate Marino
Setting the Womb in Its Place: Toward a Contextual Archaeology of Graeco-Egyptian Uterine Amulets


Lisa Anderson
The Roman Military Community as Expressed in Its Burial Customs During the 1st-3rd Centuries CE

Christopher Tuttle
The Nabataean Coroplastic Arts: A New Approach for Studying Figurines, Plaques, Vessels, and Other Clay Objects


Crispin Corrado Goulet
A Study of Deity Assimilation in Sculptural Representations of Male Children from the Roman Imperial Era

Michael Zimmerman
The Hellenistic and Roman Pottery from the Village (Field I) at ‘Iraq al-Amir: A Typological Study